Y2K beauty and fashion trends have certainly been taking over for the fall and winter season. And one accessory that’s been the most resurrected are chunky claw hair clips. These hair clips are most used for long to medium hair lengths, and are identified by two rows of long, chunky “teeth” that clamp down and hold the hair firmly in place. These clips are usually made out of plastic, metal, or cellulose acetate and are available in a wide variety of prints, patterns, sizes and shapes. 

Chunky claw hair clips can be found just about any and everywhere. Beauty supply stores, drugstores, department stores and even high end fashion boutiques. So that means the price can definitely range from affordable to more expensive. High end fashion designer Alexander Wang actually incorporated chunky hair clips in his fall 2018 runway show, where models graced the runway sporting “large chrome silver clips” stamped with Wang’s name on the clasp. 

The best thing about chunky claw hair clips is that you’re almost guaranteed to find one that will match your style, and these clips can be paired with any kind of outfit – casual to formal. Rock one on the way to the grocery store or pair one with an elegant dress on your way to a fancy dinner. 

If you want to incorporate chunky hair clips into your accessories, check out some great options below!

1. Chunk’s Nimbus Claw in Jelly 

Chunk’s Nimbus Hair Claw is not only gorgeous with its mixture of colors, but it's also the perfect clip to hold the weight of thick, curly hair. 

2. Kitsch’s Open Shape Claw Clip in Gold

The Open Shape Claw Clip is Kitsch’s best selling hair clip as it’s perfect for thick hair and adds a beautiful metallic glow to any hairstyle. 

3. Jane Dottie Vintage’s Queen’s Gambit Claw

This checkerboard clip is extremely unique, and is suitable for all hair types – wet or dry.

4. Kov Essentials’ Naked Soul Clip

With “budge proof grip,” the naked soul clip features a transparent design that’s available in three colorways. And is best styled with half up-do’s. 

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