Hair trends come and go through every era. If there is one thing that is certain though, colors are here to stay. Whether you like to switch you hair color up monthly or try your first color service, there something out there for you. Want to do something bold and new? Check out these hair combos.

Intense Ombre

Starting with something simple but still makes a statement. Try an intense ombre. Usually, when colorists do an ombre technique, they start either at the top of the head or midway down. This specific technique starts practically at the bottom of the hair. This makes the style even more daring!

Half And Half

This style is my persinal favorite (as I’m currently donning the style myself.) This half and half look is the defintion o f”business in the front, party in the back.” You can switch up the colors as well. In the above video, the model has an auburn color in the front and red in the back, but you can get creative! This style is an easy solution to when you’re stuck between two colors you want to try– just do them both!


A peek-a-boo color is somewhat like the dye version of an undercut. This color gives you a little bit of versatility. If you so choose to show your splash of color all you have to do is lift that hair up. If you want to keep it a mystery, you have that choice as well by leaving your hair down or tying it in a bun.

Reverse Ombre


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This reverse ombre look is definitely something out of the box. Typically, the roots aren’t what get the color, the ends do. With this method, the color starts at the top and the more natural hair colors make its way towards the ends.

The skunk stripe has been a staple all throughout social media for the past few years. Usually the skunk stripe would be a blonde patch in dark hair, but it’s 2022! We’re switching things up around here. To try a new spin on a semi new trend, try doing a skunk stripe on colored hair (take things even a step further and dye the skunk stripe a separate color as well).