Lori Harvey recently shared some inside information about her coveted abs, and it is everything.

Finding A Fit

Lori Harvey is no stranger to health and fitness, and we have all had a front-row seat to her love for pilates. In her conversation with Vogue, Harvey opened up about her challenges in finding the right type of exercise for her body. As a former equestrian who struggled with joint pain, she felt like she had hit the jackpot when she stumbled across pilates. She soon realized that the resistance-based physical activity, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and mental sharpness, could also help her to manage her joint pain.

Transitioning From The Gym

In her conversation with Vogue, the recently-announced  celebrity ambassador for the Gymshark said that although she enjoyed going to the gym, her gym regimen was often proved to be too stressful on her old injuries, but her first experience with pilates was a challenging one.

“I loved it there, but I have an old knee and an old back injury that messes with me sometimes,” said Harvey. “So it was getting hard for me to do the gym thing every day. So, I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll try pilates, I think I can handle it.’ When I tell you I literally died, I have not had a harder workout in my life. I was shaking. I felt muscles I didn’t even know existed. I just got hooked and intentionally set a goal for myself. I was like, ‘I’m going to have [visible] abs.’”

Finding Her Rhythm

While speaking with Vogue, Harvey talked about the importance of knowing how her body operates and understanding the value of taking in the balanced and knowing her body better than ever. The model also spoke about the importance of determining the proper caloric intake needed to maintain an appropriate metabolic rate for balanced hormones, which translates to a stable weight. She also emphasized the importance of portion control in eating. Although she admitted to loving a good meal, the 25-year-old shared that sizing up her meals has been a great solution, in spite of cravings.


The biggest takeaway from Harvey’s Vogue sit-down was the admission that her toned physique is not the result of a magical BBL or diet pill. Instead, it is the product of consistency and unwavering dedication, a principle that often seems swept under the rug with the wave of procedures that promise the ultimate alternative body. Long live Lori Harvey’s impeccable abs. We might just need to get into pilates.