Teyana Taylor has conquered the titles of singer, dancer, director, actor and designer – and now we can now add host and master interviewer to that list.

For Taylor’s latest project, she has teamed up with Bumble to host the brand’s web series titled ‘Luv2SeeIt.’

For the show’s first episode, Taylor sits down with Lori Harvey and discusses everything from dating on your own terms, red and green flags in a relationship, the importance of owning your power and more!


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Green And Red Flags That Harvey Looks For When Dating

“Green – I would say just like transparency and like openness, communication – not trying to beat around the bush and act like you want something that you really don’t,” Harvey told Taylor. “When really you got 20 other people that you’re entertaining.”

Harvey shared that she likes when men are “open” and “honest” about what they’re looking for when dating, so she has the opportunity to decide whether or not those intentions are compatible with what she’s looking for. 

When asked what red flag stands out most to her, Harvey shared that someone being “too close” to their exes is definitely one. 

“That’s a red flag,” she said. “Cordial – okay [but] I don’t want you to have beef because that’s messy.” 

However, Harvey did stress that too much closeness with an ex would definitely be challenging for any partner to handle.

On What Makes Her Feel Powerful When Dating

When asked what makes Harvey feel powerful when dating, she shared that “not compromising” plays a pivotal role. 

“Not compromising my values, my standards, and my requirements,” she said. “I think it just also depends on where you guys are at in that stage of the relationship because sometimes you just have to make sure that you’re giving it to the right person.”

“Because when you start giving it to the wrong person, it’s going to drain you more than anything,” she continued.

Harvey also shared that she’s “very much” in a space where she’s not doing anything to compromise her “peace” and “happiness.”

She also advises other women to ensure that they’re always maintaining control of their power. That, she says, is the key to remaining happy whether you’re in or out of a relationship.

On The Importance Of Dating On Your Own Terms

Harvey shared that almost getting married at a young age prompted her to explore life and date on her own terms.

“After that… I felt like I hadn’t really experienced anything,” she explained. “I didn’t really know myself. I didn’t know what I liked [or] what I didn’t like.”

“I just felt like I hadn’t really experienced life,” she continued. “So at that point I was like okay, ‘I’m going to date on my terms.’ And however I want to move, whatever I want to do – I’m going to do it. And if it’s no longer serving me, I’m going to move on.”

If you like what you’re seeing so far, check out the show’s trailer for a look at what else is to come and watch the full episode here!