Finding love can be a tricky yet beautiful feat. When it comes to searching for that special someone in your life, you never know how or when you two will meet. Whether it’s meeting coincidentally at a restaurant for a date that was never planned, or meeting by an introduction through mutual friends, love can also take us by surprise, and can also help uplift us into becoming the best versions of ourselves. When it comes to Black love one of the many aspects of finding your person isn’t always necessarily about the destination, but rather the journey it takes to build that lasting foundation. Newlyweds, Telsha Anderson (@telshaanderson ) and Justin Boon (@justinb00ne), and couples Dani Ava (@daniava) and Justin Brown (@_blade_brown)  sparked a love like no other all with the touch of an Instagram button. Whether is was eight years of continuing a longwinded honeymoon romance or eight months of sparking “Love At First Slide,” both couples have undergone a beautiful feat of finding love and creating a lasting mark for all who wish to create the same within their own relationships.

The Hallmark Of A Good Relationship Is..

“A good relationship is one that holds communication and kindness at the center. I believe creating the last foundation starts with self-healing and finding healing with those in your inner circle,” said Telsha and Justin Anderson when asked what a good relationship embodies. “I (Justin) was very intentional when I met Telsha. Because of that, it was important to showcase my actions through not only how I courted her but how I spoke to her and how I listened to her wants and needs from a man in a relationship. I believe my actions showcased my love for her and her actions showcased her love for me.”

When it comes to building that lasting foundation with another, there are a plethora of different outlets that truly create the hallmark of a successful relationship. No matter how you meet, where you two are from, or how you were raised, Dani and Justin share a similar view of what it means to grow with another within and out of a relationship.

“She has always been so transparent and brutally honest, which I greatly appreciate in a partner. We’ve always been clear, concise, and honest with each other, and because we’re very clear about our wants and needs, there’s this high level of trust. There’s never really any doubt that this isn’t gonna work, and we just always like to pride ourselves on open and honest communication, which we strongly believe defines the hallmark of any successful relationship.

We’ve all heard that it takes more than just love to make it work, and when it comes to the longevity of any relationship, love alone can only take you so far. Actions for both couples were always at the forefront of their relationships, which never had them questioning the other’s intentions. “Because Justin was so intentional with his actions, nothing was in question. I knew what he wanted and because of that, I was free to express what I wanted. He courted me not only by taking me out but by listening and discovering interests found within my mind, soul, and heart,” said Telsha Anderson. She added, “ There’s power in honesty and there’s power in doing whatever works best for you. Finding each other on Instagram wasn’t in our individual plans but it worked for us and now we’re here.”

“For us, it was always about having a great foundation as friends first, Dani said. “Justin is literally my best friend. We share a lot of common interests and really enjoy building on top of all of the beautiful bells and whistles that come with a romantic partner. I think it’s important to remember that your person, the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, or just share moments with, is someone you want to experience your days with, it’s more than just the romance, it’s also, the bond you share together within the process of growing as people.”

Finding love can be difficult when it comes to online dating, and even the social media paradigm in full. It can be hard for people to begin to build true relationships off online dating apps in particular like (hinge or bumble), and sometimes you never really know exactly what it is that you’re looking for. Telsha and Justin never planned to kindle their love through social media, though if they hadn’t, there’s a strong possibility that they would have never met. “We both understand that it’s hard finding love in or out of an app. Finding each other on Instagram wasn’t in our individual plans but it worked for us and now we’re here,” said Telsha. “I’m grateful to have put myself out there with the right person when I did and look forward to hearing other stories from young Black men and women who have done the same, even if it’s not on an app. Although I haven’t used online dating apps, in my opinion, the easiest thing to do when working within any circumstance that’s not in-person, is being upfront.”

“We were just meant to be together. I’ve always tuned out the noise of how people say love should be and what it should look like. For us, we most likely wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for going to a party in Brooklyn. It all started with eye contact and we immediately recognized each other, it felt so familiar,” said, Justin and Dani. “ We talked for three hours that entire night, and the rest is history. Dani gave me her IG and we just started to connect back in 2013.”

Black Love Is Beautiful

Black love is a love like no other. When it comes to sharing life’s experiences with another person, there is nothing like having that special sidekick to help you tackle the extremities of everyday life. For Telsha and Justin, Black love is what leaves a lasting legacy for future generations to come. “ It’s important to showcase Black love because it represents our past and our future. Black love sets the tone for generations to come! To us, Black love represents generational building and healing,” said Telsha and Justin.

When touching on the beauty of Black love, self-love plays a pivotal aspect within the realm of our romantic relationships, and can most definitely help us to attract the love of our lives in the process. “I think Black love to us is really about what it means to invest in ourselves. The love that we pour into ourselves is ultimately the love that we can pour onto others,” Dani and Justin said. “It feels like we’re both still in that honeymoon phase eight years later, and I think that’s really because of the self-work we’ve put into ourselves and just being open to creating beautiful moments. Your person is coming, and until they do, give yourself that love first.”