Warning: This story contains spoilers from the “Love Is Blind” season 4 finale.

The Season Four Finale of “Love Is Blind” premiered Friday. It is the end of the journey for some of viewer’s favorite and not so favorite couples. The live reunion will air April 16 where tea is sure to be spilled on all the marriages and breakups. After judging these couples and their dating experiences for an entire season, here are three takeaways from the popular show.

Love Yourself Before A Relationship

Jackie, 27, stunned viewers when she publicly cheated on Marshall instead of trying on wedding dresses. While Marshall, 27, went tuxedo shopping with his family and co stars, Jackie accepted a date, then kissed Josh, the person she stopped dating for Marshall. Jackie and Marshall had multiple disagreements when he told him to “boss up,” when they were intimate. When he confronted her, she broke off the engagement and told him she’s keeping the ring. Jackie then went on a rant where she revealed she’s “crazy,” and she needs to work on herself.

Toxic relationships are dated. In order to find true love, truly love yourself. Jackie could not comprehend Marshall’s emotionally mature personality because it was a lost treasure to her. Even though there are speculations Josh and Jackie are still dating, hopefully Jackie took time to process her issues and heal.

Don’t Let Your Family Influence Your Relationship

Even though Kwame’s very fashionable sister, Barbara and brother, Jerry, supported their brother on his wedding day, he still wanted his mother to join in on the celebration. So it was a shocker when he said “I Do,” to Chelsea.

Throughout the season Kwame definitely expressed cold feet. Whether it was his resistance to to move a few hours from Portland to Seattle or his shocking flirtatious interactions with cast-mate Micah. Even though Chelsea scolded him at times for his uncertainty, his internal battle over whether or not to marry without his mother present was one only he could fight. Kwame’s sister expressed that their mother’s religious views didn’t support his decision to get married on the show. In the end, Kwame chose love over his mother’s approval. The now married couple, shared a kiss after their nuptials.

Kwame told his wife, “It’s a good day,” She replied, “It’s the best day.”

Choosing between love and family is definitely, a hard decision but sometimes you have to follow with your heart instead your head.

Communication Prevails

Yes, everyone’s favorite couple, Tiffany and Brett said I do! They were the first Black couple who matched this season. The couple started the show with wholesome energy and maturity. When Brett confessed his love for Tiffany she fell asleep in the pods, which was a shocker for fans. Despite that sleepy slip up, they were able to rebound and get engaged.

Brett shed a tear when his fiancé walked down the aisle. Both wore white which seemingly symbolized the purity within their relationship. In the end, Brett and Tiffany knew they were made for each other.

Throughout the season Brett and Tiffany reassured their love for each other. Tiffany got frustrated with wedding planning and work, and Brett took her on a helicopter date. Then, the night ended when Brett presented his now wife with engagement photos he took of her. At the altar, Tiffany told her husband, “It wasn’t a physical thing, it was how you spoke to my soul.” During his vows, Brett told Tiffany, “I found my life partner in you.”

To make any relationship work, communication with your partner is the key. It doesn’t need to be a battle or debate. Healthy open ended conversations about your future, frustrations, or finances need to happen for growth. Love is the key factor in a relationship, but sometimes it is not enough. To understand your partner, you have confront key values and issues to make the relationship last.