Season 4 of “Love is Blind” was arguably one of the most drama-filled seasons in the reality show’s history. Every week, Black Twitter would give a rundown of the themes and messages they pulled from each episode with their own special reactions. From several love triangles to rejected dates to fighting for love, the season didn’t miss when it came to surprises. The surprises continued on Sunday night but not because of the contestants or their love drama. This time it was all due to technology.

Netflix has been experimenting with live broadcasts lately. Their first venture into live programming was Chris Rock’s “Selective Outrage” special which broadcast live from Baltimore. That broadcast went off without a hitch. The streaming service’s second live broadcast attempt with the “Love Is Blind” season four finale was not so smooth. Netflix teased fans all week that the live reunion would take place at 8 p.m. ET on April 16. But the streaming service failed to meet that deadline. After an hour and a half delay Netflix was able to get the servers up and running to finally deliver the live broadcast to its anxious fans.

After the long wait, fans reported being disappointed by the actual reunion once it aired. There were questions about how the hosts, Vanessa and Nick Lachey, handled their jobs and the overall production of the special. Of course, Black Twitter had to tell Netflix about themselves.

Black Twitter’s Reactions

It it is one thing about Black Twitter is that they won’t hold back if they don’t like something. This Netflix special was no different. In fact Black Twitter was the driving force behind the phrase “Nick and Vanessa” ranking in the social app’s top trending topics.

Many of the viewers were not happy with the hosting skills of the Lacheys. Fans felt the two did not have chemistry and and were awkward with the cast. Twitter users have even accused Vanessa of being biased toward the women in the cast and not giving any grace to the men. Additionally, in a tweet with over 90k views, one user even suggested that Netflix hire Iyanla Vanzant to host the reunions moving forward.

As for the couple everyone was rooting for – Brett and Tiffany Brown – fans felt that they didn’t get enough air time. The Browns didn’t have much drama during the season. Still, fans wanted to see the narrative of healthy Black love. Instead, much of the reunion was focused on Irina, Paul and Micah (which was downright the mess of the season). Many fans felt time should’ve been divided equally on the reunion.

Overall, viewers felt very underwhelmed by the final episode of Season 4. The hosts, the technical difficulties, the favoritism. Fans were not happy. Maybe in season 5, Netflix will make some changes to the way in which the reunion is produced, or else they’ll face the wrath of Black Twitter once more.