When it comes to trying to spice up the bedroom, many couples skip straight to incorporating sex toys. While that is a great way to create a spark, you don’t have to jump to that first. You can also try less drastic changes, like adding lube to your sexual endeavors.

That extra spark you might be seeking can just simply come from extra pleasure. Lubricants can significantly reduce pain and injury while increasing smoothness and pleasure regarding sex. Have you noticed that sometimes you might find yourself a little dry after a while? You don’t necessarily want to stop but your vagina could just be done producing that wetness. This is where you can bring in the lube. Additionally, you can incorporate it before it gets to that point for a general, better glide. The choice is yours! Lube doesn’t have to be associated solely with vaginal dryness. It can help with less friction, smoother skin, and all-around better sex!

In a 2009 Indiana University study, the women who participated reported that more than 70 percent of the time, lube made sex more pleasurable and enjoyable.

What Exactly IS Lube And What Are The Best Types?

Lubricant is a liquid that increases moisture for solo or partnered sex. It is intended to prevent unwanted friction during intercourse and create a more pleasurable experience. It is also helpful when used with a condom, because of its benefits to reduce friction, therefore reducing the risk of breakage.

When it comes to the types of lubricants you can use, there are four basic types:

  • Water-based
  • Oil-based
  • Silicone-based
  • Hybrid (a combination of 2 or more of the above)

Silicone-based lubes are known to be long-lasting, allowing you not to have to continuously reapply during sex but should not be used with silicone sex toys or diaphragms. If you’re looking to incorporate the lube with toys, your best bet is water-based lube. Water-based lubes are easy to clean and gentle on the skin, however, it does not last as long as other types of lube. Oil-based lubes are easy to spread, moisturizing, and great if you like to incorporate massage into your foreplay however, you should not use them with condoms as they can destroy it.

You have to make sure you’re choosing the proper lubricant for your needs. We’ve done some research and here are a few lubes you should incorporate during sex.

Lubes We Recommend

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This silicone-based lube is perfect for all types of sexual activities, including shower sex. All silicone-based lubes are hydrophobic so they’re perfect for the opportunity. Uberlube is known to be silky smooth while reducing friction. It also doesn’t dry up or get sticky.

Pjur Nude is a water-based lube that lasts long before drying and needing reapplication. It also has a clean ingredient list. Additionally, it is pH balanced and neutral to sperm so it is safe to use while trying to conceive.

AH! YES OB Plant-Oil Based Personal Lubricant is known for its long-lasting properties. It has rich oils and shea butter to prolong your performance. It also doesn’t bother users with unnecessary odor or color, just be sure to use it carefully as it could mess up your sheets.

This silicone & water-based hybrid lube delivers a premium, silky-smooth experience to those using it. This product is also crafted with hyaluronic acid that is used to nourish sensitive tissues with lasting moisture. Another plus, it is pH balanced, so you don’t have to worry about waking up the next morning with an issue you have to go to extra lengths to fix.