Apple watches, along with the sports bands, are known as powerhouse accessories. They sweat with you during cardio, track every step you take, and, depending on the generation, can take a dip in the pool. Despite all of that action, an Apple Watch isn’t just for working out. It is a watch after all. If you only have the active bands that came with your Apple Watch, then it may be time time to expand your watch wardrobe. Why not include a bit of luxury?

21Ninety has rounded up five luxurious bands to help you broaden your Apple watch band horizons. On this list, you’ll find a range of price points, so you can feel luxe and stay within your budget.


Hopo’s Resin Strap Bracelet Apple watch band is a sleek option with its resin links and stainless steel clasp. The tortoise design really creates that luxurious feel.

For those that love a tortoise pattern, but crave a different colorway, Hopo offers 45 different variations. From beloved neutrals to dreamy pastels, you can grab one loop that goes with your whole wardrobe or grab a few to switch out your band depending on your mood. This resin strap bracelet is available in two sizes.


It’s no surprise that the Apple watch Hermès Swift Leather Single Tour is on this list. Hermès, after all, is synonymous with a life of luxury.

Along with the fashion house’s signature quality leather, this watch band also features a branded buckle. Let it serve as a reminder that you chose to treat yourself. You get to have your pick of colors, and it comes in two different sizes.


The Supoix Rhinestone Apple watch Band is not for you, if you’re trying to lay low. The sparkle that bounces off the rhinestone encrusted band ensures you’ll be the star of the reality show that is your life. Whether you just like glitz or you’re in need of an Apple watch band for a special occasion, this glimmering accessory is for you. The encrusted link loop is available in nine colors and is compatible with six of the Apple Watch sizes.


The Multilayer Leather Apple watch band by Wonmille is available in 12 color options and can give you a bold look with minimal effort. This band comfortably layers your Apple watch in the middle of four rows of leather and stoned loops. It includes two unique bands that hold your watch in place. The link clasp is designed, so you only have one closure to worry about. Once you pick your color, then you just have to choose your size. The watch is available in two sizes.

Marge Plus

One of the best things about steel is that it can emulate precious metals. That’s exactly why the Marge Plus Apple watch band made it to this luxe list. Marge offers classic shades like rose gold, champagne gold and silver. However, they’ve also got more unique shades like the newer starlight, black and a vibrant rainbow. The stainless steel mesh loop also is easy to close. All you need to do is let the custom magnetic connector stick to the strap. Grab yours in one of the two available sizes.

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