Everyone loves a fluffy baked treat, am I right? But sometimes you want to be able to enjoy your favorite baked goods without all the guilt. Luckily, there are tons of resources from recipes and cooking blogs that provide simple suggestions for making baked goods healthier while keeping them delicious. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for making your baked goods healthier:

Photo: Bearnakedfood.com

Try coconut oil instead of butter

Coconut oil is magic, I swear. It’s amazing for moisturizing hair and skin, but it’s also an excellent substitute for butter when baking. Next time you’re making your favorite baked good, switch out the butter for coconut oil. Trust me, no one will know the difference. 

Cut the sugar in half 

When I was growing up, I was always around amazing women who baked. My grandmother was a phenomenal baker, and I spent a ton of time with a friend whose mom often baked. It is from them that I learned most recipes call for far too much sugar. Take whatever sugar the recipe calls for and cut in half. You won’t even notice it’s gone. 

Try almond milk instead of cow’s milk 

Regular milk is fine, but a milk alternative like almond milk is equally good and has less than half the calories. (There’s also soy milk or coconut milk if almond milk isn’t your thing.) Make the switch and see how you much you love it. 

Use honey instead of sugar 

In terms of calories, honey isn’t any better for you because honey is actually more caloric than sugar. But honey has health benefits that sugar does not, including more nutrients and easier digestion. 

Try flour alternatives 

Bleached, all-purpose flour is fine, but alternatives like whole wheat flour, almond flour or coconut flour are fun to experiment with when baking. I’ve played around with these alternatives, and they're great for treats like waffles, pancakes and single-portion desserts

Vegan alternatives above everything

When in doubt, use the vegan alternative for whatever baked treat you’re making. Because vegans don't eat any animal products, their cooking alternatives are typically healthier than what non-vegans might use. Waka Flocka’s blueberry muffin recipe is a great guide for what substitutions to make

Do you have any tricks for making recipes healthier? Share your tips with us!