Working remotely is all the rave in 2019, sis! Why go into an office when you can work from the comfort of your home, a coffee shop, or wherever you choose. If your work is primarily digital, more and more companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers are opting for a location independent way of living their best life. 

A digital nomad lifestyle gives you the time and opportunity you need to work anywhere on any timezone. This provides a boss queen the freedom she needs to travel the world while also working and making money. While many of us love traveling, no one wants to do it alone. 

Remote work programs have become increasingly popular in recent years as more people convert to remote work positions. Digital nomad programs give remote workers the perfect option to work in exotic places, travel with like-minded people, and have all accommodations handled for you.  

If you’re considering ditching the office for a remote work program, here are 5 digital nomad programs that will take you on an adventure you’ll never forget!

Remote Year

Remote Year is one of the most popular and biggest remote work programs. It sends a group of 50-80 professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs on a one-year travel adventure. There is also a four-month option for those who don’t want to commit to one year of travel. 

Every month the group visits a new city throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. The total cost is only $27,000 and includes all travel and transportation accommodations between the countries, 24/7 WiFi, and access to community events and excursion activities.

WiFly Nomads

WiFly Nomads is the perfect remote work program for those without remote jobs but looking to embark on the industry. WiFly Nomads is a destination-based educational travel program that teaches participants how to be a digital nomad while also helping you land a remote-based job that provides you with a lifestyle of adventure and freedom.

The two to four-week program takes place in Bali, Indonesia and costs $3999 without accommodation and $4999 with accommodation. The series of events includes hands-on workshops where participants learn the basics of living a nomadic lifestyle, how to build an online business, how to score remote jobs and how to build a personal brand.

WiFi Tribe

WiFi Tribe sends a group of 12-18 professionals on monthly trips around the world. Their membership options allow participants to take trips back to back or spread them out across one year. Prices are fairly affordable and start at $800 a month for a shared room and $1,400 a month for a private room.

Hacker Paradise

Hacker Paradise is a remote work program aimed at the tech community but open to professionals of all types. The program lasts between 2 weeks to three months depending on the option you choose. Participants travel in groups of 20-30 people to countries in Asia, Europe, and Latin America with prices varying from $500 to $1,980 depending on the length of stay. Affordable options allow participants to purchase just the program only or have housing included.

Our bossed up techies will love Hacker Paradise’ code remote programs or the accelerated programs that teach you how to code in just six weeks. Programs include talks, workshops, goal-setting sessions, networking events, and more events designed to help you grow professionally while exploring the world. 

Venture With Impact

Venture With Impact offers remote workers a more unique digital nomad experience where participants can travel to the country of their choice and join the group on a monthly basis. Workers also get the option to work in a pro-bono placement within a local organization, e.g. in education or human rights. 

Prices start at $2,100 and include travel accommodations, a private room, deep involvement with the community and culture through volunteer opportunities, and all kinds of professional support.


Be sure to check out reviews on sites like Coworkations for any digital nomad program you are considering. You’ll want to make sure to see what others are saying before spending your coins and committing to an international experience with a shady company. 

Just don’t weed out the opportunity to live your best life while making money and traveling the world. It’s a win-win, sis!

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