Every year people spend hours, or even days, cleaning their homes in hopes of a fresh start to spring. When it comes to makeup, it’s easy to forget that a makeup refresh is also necessary. Practicing a makeup spring cleaning routine will help keep your beauty collection in prime condition.

Just like food, makeup expires. Take a look at your bottles and tubes of makeup. You’ll find a small jar logo with a number on it. That indicates how long your makeup is expected to last after opening. According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a number of factors can shorten your makeup’s shelf life: dipping fingers into products, applicators that make bodily contact before going back in the product (like mascara wands) and exposure to moisture. All these variables can cause a product to degrade sooner. 

These factors are a natural part of using your makeup. It’s best practice to replenish items once they are expired even if that date approaches before the product has run out. Spring is a great time to pour over your makeup collection and update your supplies in time for warmer weather. Think of it as a treat to yourself. As you refresh your collection, you can leave room to try new, fun products. 21Ninety has compiled a list of items to purchase after you’ve ditched your old, expired makeup.

Tinted Moisturizer

As the warmer weather rolls around, it’s time to lighten up that base layer from foundation to tinted moisturizer. The Rare Beauty Positive Light Tinted Moisturizer is a great choice to help you make the switch. There are 24 shades to choose from, and it’s SPF 30.

The Rare Beauty Positive Light Tinted Moisturizer has a hydrating formula that won’t leave you feeling oily.

Blush & Illuminator

Wander Beauty’s On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminator easily lets you control your glow. This two-in-one allows for you to apply just the blush, only the illuminator, or both for the ultimate makeup glow. With four shades to choose from, you can find the combo that best matches your natural radiance. 


Photo Courtesy of Sephora

The One/Size Made for Shade Bronze Trio reminds us that one size does not fit all. That goes for your contour, too. Available in six shades, you get to pick the trio that will enhance your summertime look so that you can shade, bronze and sculpt in your own unique way. 

Brow Shape Duo

Rare Beauty’s Brow Harmony Shape & Fill Duo is compact with two shades of waterproof brow putty. With this duo, you can shape and fill in brows for a natural look. The two complimentary colors included in each compact, mimic brows’ gradient tones and using them simultaneously will result in natural-looking defined brows. The palette also comes with a two-in-one brush and spoolie, so you can fine tune your brows to perfection. 


From the mother of makeup and her namesake brand, Pat McGrath Labs, comes the Mothership VII Eyeshadow Palette. The 10 pans of shimmery, iridescent and matte eyeshadows come together to offer endless possibilities for your spring and summer makeup game. This pigmented palette is an investment, and you deserve to treat yourself.


Gone are the days of needing to choose between a lengthening or volumizing when it comes to mascara. With the Lancôme Lash Idôle Lash-Lifting and Volumizing Mascara, you get both.

This long-wearing black mascara has a curved wand. It ensures each of your lashes is coated in the infused formula. Apply one coat for a more natural makeup look or several coats for maximum clump-free drama.


Lip gloss isn’t going anywhere, so why pick the stickiest of the bunch. Tower 28’s Beauty ShineOn Lip Jelly Non-Sticky Gloss stays true to its name. It a moisturizing makeup formula that soothes lips without any sticky mess. Choose from 11 high-shine finishes or an iridescent sheer shimmer gloss. 

Setting Spray

Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray is the perfect way to finish any makeup look. As you refresh your makeup kit or vanity, make sure your new products stay put. A couple sprays is all you need to lock in your hard work before heading out for a day or night on the town. 

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