TyDerrica Scott is known as RichGirlTy to her more than 90 thousand Instagram followers. The 25-year-old black entrepreneur, celebrity makeup artist, and influencer has seven years of experience in the beauty industry. Scott has established herself as a go-to name in the field. Her resume includes beating the faces of high profile celebrities like Trina and K-Michelle.

One of Scott’s most noteworthy accomplishments is her use of Facebook Live to display her makeup skills to followers. The artist helped create makeup tutorials as we know them. Her skillful application of makeup enhances her clients’ beauty and highlights their unique personalities.N

Now Scott is venturing into the hair care industry. A move that should make the young mogul a beauty powerhouse. She’s an inspiration to young entrepreneurs and aspiring influencers alike. By spreading positive vibes and encouraging her followers to stay true to themselves, Scott has built meaningful connections. Her expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and authenticity are just a few of the things that make Scott such a formidable force. 

21Ninety spoke with the makeup guru to get some exclusive tips on how to perfect your spring and summer beats. 

Makeup Tips For A Flawless Face

21Ninety:  You were one of the first influencers to use Facebook Live to display your makeup looks. What inspired you to start a live segment for beauty and makeup? 

Ty Scott: I started going live on Facebook because I like the intimate interaction with my followers. Even though it was only four people at the time I still enjoyed the fact that I could ask their opinion and they could give me an answer immediately. Unlike recording videos and waiting for someone to comment I like the sense of urgency a live broadcast brings. 

21N: What has the journey been like? 

TS: At first the journey was slow. The more you continue at something the more people want to know what you are building. Like who is this girl? I keep seeing her live on my newsfeed! Eventually, something will spark their interest. That is why so many successful people tell you to stay consistent.  

21N: What are some common mistakes that people make when applying makeup, and how can they be avoided?

TS: People always think that they don’t have to take care of their skin because they wear makeup. Makeup will cover their scars but the most common mistake is not having a skin care routine! It doesn’t matter what products you’re using or what they promise, if you aren’t moisturizing, exfoliating, and cleaning your skin it will show through that makeup.

21N: How do you enhance your natural beauty using makeup, without looking overdone? 

TS: Use a fluffy brush and a tinted moisturizer. I recommend these two things because a tinted moisturizer keeps your skin lubricated while also covering your blemishes. It’s light enough to not look heavy while still giving flawless skin. A fluffy brush gives off an airbrushed finish and I literally love that! 

21N: What are some essential makeup products that everyone should have in their kit, regardless of skin type or tone?

TS: You must have the following:

  • Color corrector
  • Translucent setting powder 
  • Tinted moisturizer / lightweight foundation
  • Primer
  • Beauty blender
  • Mascara
  • Lip balm or gloss
  • Pretty peachy blush

21N:  How do you create a flawless base for makeup application, and what are some techniques for ensuring that it lasts all day?

TS: Skin prep!!! I cannot stress how vital skin prep is. It literally sets the tone for how the makeup will be. If you’re moisturized and primed correctly that makeup will not move!  And use a setting spray too! Skin prep + setting spray = long-lasting makeup!

21N:  What are some tips for applying makeup in different lighting situations, such as natural light versus artificial light?

TS: I do a flash test on my phone. Basically just taking your phone and turning all the lights off in whatever location you’re in and turning the flash on and taking a picture to see how your makeup looks. If it looks ashy, you might need a deeper foundation color but if it matches perfectly then you’re good!

21N: What is the best way to choose the right shades of foundation and concealer and what are some common mistakes to avoid?

TS: When matching skin tones I literally match it to the neck or the chest simply because sometimes the neck is darker than the face and the body. Matching it to the chest, will literally give you a spot-on match!

21N:  What are some ways to create a natural-looking contour and highlight, without going too heavy-handed?

TS: Using a fluffy brush to blend out your contour will give you the most natural airbrush finish simply because it’s not a focus brush but more of an all-over brush so how the brush is made gives off an effortless blend!

21N:  What are some tips for creating a perfect lip shape and ensuring that my lipstick lasts all day? 

TS: In order to create a perfect lip shape, I recommend over-lining your lips with a darker liner and highlighting your cupid bow to give that pouty look to make your lipstick last longer. I recommend setting your lips with the setting powder first, and then lining them and going over them with matte lipstick.

21N: As a young successful entrepreneur, what is one of the most challenging things you have had to overcome?

TS: The most challenging thing I had to overcome is being more organized and strict regarding business. I’m always a person that tries to be understanding but before you’re ever understanding please stick to your policy because if you let one person slide with something everybody will feel like you should let them slide too. Be stern, be fair and never cheat yourself.

21N: You pride yourself on being authentic and transparent. What would you say to someone who is struggling with being their authentic self?

TS: I always ask people the question  “You don’t think you’re dope enough to just be you“?  

Because the fact that no one in this world is perfect should make you want to be yourself unapologetically. 

Everyone goes through things. Everyone has failed before and no one can judge you. I feel like you have to genuinely love yourself as a person to want to be your “Authentic self“ like you have to love the person you look at in the mirror every day good and bad happy or sad! 

21N: What is next for you?

TS: The next thing I plan on doing is opening up a business where content creators can come to one place and shop for everything that they need in that one place. Tripod, lighting, cameras, everything that you need to create really bomb content! I also plan on doing content classes so that I can help other creators in the beauty industry.

This article has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.