For many people, Barack Obama will always be their president. Even though the 44th president is now retired and living his best life, the former first family still lives in pop culture’s collective consciousness thanks to book deals, streaming contracts, and a smooth vibe that makes every member of the Obama crew so relatable. 

While Barack and Michelle tend to get the most attention in the spotlight, people haven’t forgotten that their time in the White House also meant that two little girls essentially grew up in front of the American public. Of the couple’s daughters, Malia Obama is the oldest and we watched as she entered the White House as a little girl and left just as she was preparing to enter as a Harvard student. But what has she been up to since her famous father ended his tenure as president? And these days, what exactly is her net worth?

Malia Obama: A Quick Biography

By the time the public knew who Malia Obama was, she was already in elementary school. But her story begins on July 4th, 1998 when she was born in Chicago. In her early years, her father was an Illinois senator and law professor while her mother was the associate dean of student services at the University of Chicago. She’s the older sibling of Sasha, the Obama’s youngest daughter. While in Chicago, Sasha was an active athlete, playing soccer and swimming, while also learning to play the flute. 

By 2004, her father went on to win the U.S. Senate seat and by 2007, the family was on the campaign trail. Of course, Barack Obama clenched the win over Senator John McCain, and the family moved into the White House in 2009,  where they would live until her father completed two consecutive terms which ended in 2017. 

Malia’s Life in the White House

Malia was only 10 years old when her father was elected president in 2008. While the family lived in the White House, both of the Obama daughters attended Sidwell Friends School, a popular choice for politicians, diplomats and other influential figures in the Washington D.C. social scene. 

To keep both children grounded, Michelle tapped her mother, Marian Robinson to serve as an additional caregiver. Meanwhile, the family also adopted the Portuguese Water Dog, Bo to add a sense of normalcy to their now markedly different lives. Although Malia and her younger sister Sasha had fairly “normal” lives with class trips, summer camp and even high school prom, their father’s high-profile position meant that they also got to enjoy some less common experiences. 

This included Malia accompanying her parents on international trips around the world including across South America, Asia and Russia. Among the influential set, Malia can recount meeting Nelson Mandela and Pope Benedict XVI. She even famously traveled to Cuba with her father, serving as an unofficial interpreter with their Spanish-speaking hosts. Both Malia and Sasha were included in Time magazine’s 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014 list. 

Malia’s Gap Years and College Life

In 2016 Malia Obama graduated from Sidwell Friends School but chose to take a gap year. While some conservatives tried to paint this as a sign that the Obamas were out of touch with reality, gap years are incredibly common. During her time off, Malia traveled with her friends to South America and then later to Indonesia with her parents. 

By Fall 2017, Malia was enrolled in Harvard University where she intentionally kept a low profile. Although little is known about her college life, while she was a student she won the Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize which was awarded for excellent undergraduate work and excellence in the art of teaching. 

Malia’s Internships and Filmmaking

During her college career, Malia actively interned at several coveted organizations. From the Smithsonian National Zoo to various opportunities in film and television, it was clear that her heart was in the arts. By 2014 she worked as a production assistant on the set of “Extant” and later worked with the writers for “Girls” the following year in 2015. 

She also briefly worked with The Weinstein Company in 2017. By 2021, Malia Obama was deeply entrenched in the entertainment industry. She served as a writer on the viral Amazon Prime Video limited series “Swarm” that was released in 2023.

Malia Obama’s Directorial Debut and Name Change

After years of helping with other productions, Malia Obama made her directorial debut in 2023 when she teamed up with Daniel Glover’s production company and released the short film, The Heart. This piece that she wrote and directed centers on grieving, following a man’s experience as he suffers from guilt when his mother passes away shortly after they have an argument. 

The film was featured as part of the Short Cuts program at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival and was also screened at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival. While nominated for three awards, the movie took home the 2023 Winner for the Best Live Action Short. During this time, Malia chose to drop her last name, preferring to be referred to as “Malia Ann” which is her first and middle name to distance herself from her famous parents.

How Much is Malia Obama’s Net Worth?

Given that Malia Ann is just starting out with her film career, readers might be initially surprised to learn that the 25 year old has a sizable net worth. Current estimates put her finances around $100 million. This is mainly attributed to her family’s net worth and ongoing business ventures. But as she continues to work in the entertainment industry, it’s just a matter of time before that figure grows mainly from her own business ventures.