Still on the fence about the vaccine? Many people are, including half of the superstar sister duo Malika and Khadijah Haqq. Everyone's favorite set of twins sat down on the latest episode of their hit Facebook Watch show to discuss the vaccine and the decision to push past their own doubts to ultimately, trust the experts. While many of us could not wait to get vaccinated so we could get back to some sense of normalcy, some people are still opting out as of now. With preexisting conditions and the desire to see their loved ones leading the way, the Haqq sister are opening up about all the things that informed their choices to get vaccinated.

"We did our research and decided that we both wanted to get vaccinated! We're here to tell you about our experience with getting the vaccine and share with you what to expect before you go!" says the sisters. Khadijah shares that both she and her daughter are asthma sufferers, and Malika, who gave birth during the pandemic, decided to give herself an extra layer of protection.

"I really do believe in medicine, and I have a great deal of respect for the science behind medicine," she says, "it does save lives. Everyone has to figure out what works for them, but I do trust the people who are behind not just this vaccine but so many vaccines, I do!"

The pair definitely needed to get back to work as their Kin-produced show has been doing great things for their personal brands. The two have tackled topics ranging from postpartum to life as new mothers in quarantine and show no signs of slowing down on creating new content!

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