Natural hair care brands have continuously held us down for decades now and have no plans on stopping. Carol’s Daughter is one brand that has always made sure they’re tending to all types of natural hair needs. Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, the brand is launching its newest line, Born To Repair (& Made To Care). The line focuses on fighting visible damage done to your hair.

Photo: Carol’s Daughter

This new 5-step system is a completely new way to care for your curls. The collection is blended with Shea Butter, Babassu Oil, and Amazonian Nut Oil to provide a lifeline to damaged, dull hair. When used together, they all work to repair and moisturize hair, soothe the scalp, reduce frizz, and protect color vibrancy. Above all else, the collection is pH balanced.

Along with its new line, Carol’s Daughter has also partnered with Gen Z icon, Marsai Martin, to serve as its ambassador. 21Ninety was able to sit down with the actress to discuss her partnership with the brand and her own hair journey. Check it out!

Marsai On Working With Carol’s Daughter

Zayna Allen: How exactly did this partnership with the brand come about?

Marsai Martin: One day they called and said they have this opportunity for me and want me to be an ambassador. I’ve always wanted to connect to some type of hair brand and that’s something my team always knew I wanted to do. But I didn’t want to be attached to a hair brand that didn’t really speak to me. My hair is really thick and only a certain type of product can manage and maintain it. I wanted to connect with a brand that knew about that and understood and embraced it.

When Carol’s Daughter sent me some of the products from their newest collection, I fell in love with them. Honestly, their whole entire collection really spoke to my hair and really made it feel moisturizing. I wanted to root for something that worked with my hair and be something I can embrace.

ZA: We know the brand is celebrating its 30th year in business. How do you feel that your involvement will expand the brand’s mission to provide natural hair care to Black women?

MM: First of all I think that is mad dope. The fact that I was able to meet the wonderful [founder of Carol’s Daughter] honestly was truly inspiring. Seeing how far she’s come with 30 years of a very successful brand is amazing and super legendary.

That’s another reason why I went to be tied to the brand as well. I think it’s very inspiring and I’m truly honored for them to recognize me. I love to really embrace different styles and be comfortable in them. It’s exciting and I’m grateful to be able to put my own little spin and use my own creativity with something that is very impactful.

Marsai On Her Hair Journey

ZA: We know you have always rocked these amazing hairstyles, right? But what is your go-to style?

MM: I will say they don’t tell you about the trials and tribulations that your hair grows through when it comes to switching from different events and being ahead of the times. But I always like to keep my hair in a protective style. So I’m into the braids. You will always see my hair in some braids. Even looking back at some of the “Blackish” episodes. I think I’ve had braids in for a whole season. When, you know, we have like 20-something episodes every season. So my hair was always protected, and I think that was something I was always comfortable with.

A lot of people will say braids aren’t really an event type of style and are only just a protective look to have while on vacation. But I disagree. I feel very comfortable when my braids are in. Also when my hair is completely out. A lot of people don’t see that often but when I’m just chilling in the house or I’m going to Target or something, my hair is just wild. It’s just in its natural state, which I love a lot too.

Marsai’s Next Steps

ZA: We’ve seen you grow up in front of our eyes to be this amazing young woman, and although I’m sure that growing up in the public eye isn’t easy, you’ve done it with so much grace. Now you’re walking in Savage X Fenty, shows, and serving us looks whether it’s on a red carpet or on TikTok. So what’s next in the “I’m a grown woman” evolution of Marsai?

MM: I would say I’m kind of taking it one step at a time. I’m in the stage where I just want to do what makes me happy and I want to do what brings me peace while at the same time, trying to step into my own. Nothing is ever forced and I want to make sure I keep it that way. I’m not trying to force people to look at me like “hey, I’m grown now.” I just scratch things off my bucket list. If that entails something that feels a little bit more mature than the other things that I have done, then so be it.

I’m kind of just stepping into my own in a way that feels right to me and in a sense I’m kind of eyeballing it. I have goals and aspirations to do what I want to do. But at the same time, I think the beauty of life is not trying to plan everything step by step and just following something that you think is right for you. Letting God do his thing.

The Carol’s Daughter Born To Repair (& Made To Care) Collection is available now! Get your hands on a bottle over at Amazon, Target, Walmart and other participating retailers nationwide.