Black women are known to be resourceful, on a constant lookout for easy and natural ways to strengthen and revitalize our hair. From jojoba oil to coconut masks, it’s incredible to think that there are miraculous tools we can already find in our kitchen cabinets that serve as medicine for our crowns.

Marula is one of those coveted natural oils known to keep curly and coily hair strong and vibrant. Since products containing the oil can tend to fall on the more expensive side, it’s important to prove or debunk just how miraculous it is to use marula oil for hair. 

What Is Marula Oil?

A majority of nature’s medicinal nectar is a gift from the motherland, and marula oil is no exception. Native to Miombo Woodlands in different regions of Africa, marula oil is extracted both from the kernels and the nuts of the marula fruit tree. This deciduous tree belongs to the same family as the cashew, mango and pistachio. The fruit itself, known to get elephants and humans drunk, contains eight times more vitamin C than an orange.

The Tsonga people of South Africa and Mozambique have long used the oil for a myriad of reasons, including body lotion, cooking oil and as a meat preservative. In fact, Namibian women used marula oil rather than water to clean themselves.

The Benefits of Marula Oil for Hair

While anyone can benefit from integrating marula oil into their hair care routine, those with dry, brittle or damaged hair will certainly reap the most reward. The benefits of using marula oil on hair are pretty endless, but the major kickers are what make it the most worth it:

Speeds Up Hair Growth

Rather than clogging your pores and leaving the scalp unbreathable, marula oil works to balance your hair’s natural oils and promote even faster, fuller hair growth. This is because it contains l-arginine, which aids the vasodilation of the blood vessels that feed the hair.

Repairs Hair

Because of its antioxidant rich makeup, marula oil strengthens your hair and repairs split ends with every pass through. It’s an oil rich in vitamins C and E, adding nourishment and moisture to any dry or damaged hair follicles.

Gives Lightweight Shine

Since it’s not a heavy oil, marula oil leaves the hair with a non-greasy, satin finish with ultra fast absorption. Smoothing out frizz as well, it’s the perfect way to seal in a look while maintaining the style.

How To Use Marula Oil for Hair

There are a ton of easy ways to incorporate marula oil into your hair care routine. Because it isn’t irritant, using it on its own to massage into the scalp and comb through the hair is incredibly beneficial. With thicker or curly hair, it’s recommended to apply to wet hair and then add more when dry to increase smoothness and enhance shine.

If you’re about to apply heat to your hair for styling, using marula oil as a protective coat and for frizz control is pretty game changing. Not only can it repair damage, but it can protect it from damage, too.

While there are a ton of products out there with marula oil for hair, it’s also worth noting that adding a few drops of the oil to your current shampoo, conditioner or styling products is beneficial all the same. You can still reap the reward of marula oil’s healing properties without needing to spend big bucks investing in a whole new line of hair care.

What Are You Waiting For?

It’s hard to say no to glossier, healthier, stronger hair. If your crown has suffered from any chemical styles, overuse of heat products, or simply the taxing lifestyle of living in city pollution, marula oil is the secret weapon you’ve been long awaiting.