If you’re a social media lover, you probably cannot get enough of those couples on Instagram and TikTok who are always matching and somehow make it look cool. No one is mad at a matching set. Matching sets may have once been corny. Now they are the thing for couples to do. Here are nine outfit ideas for couples who love a matching set.

Nude Dress Wear

Getting dressed up does not have to mean a lot of glitz and glam. Understated nude or skin tone dress wear will have you and your boo giving elevated and subtle chic.

Black Sweats

Millennials and Gen Z are all about oversized everything. For a casual day out or a day running errands, opt for matching black sweats.

Cozy Basics

In 2024, a modern, comfy look is always stylish. As the temperatures warm up, you and your partner can rock matching cozy basics.

Leather Streetwear

Headed out for a night on the town? You and your partner will look red carpet ready in complimentary leather streetwear.

Cargo Pants

The more pockets, the better. Matching cargo pants for you and your partner screams a photo worthy moment!

A Pop of Color

Spring has officially sprung, and there’s no better time to add brighter colors back into your wardrobe. Whether you go for lavender, peach or a bright green, you and your partner will look adorable in a matching pop of color.

Crewneck Short Sets

Easy and breezy! A crewneck short set for you and your partner is so versatile. They are great for travel, a lazy day or an outdoor hike.

Denim on Denim

This look is often referred to as a Canadian Tuxedo. It’s a cool spin on the timeless denim aesthetic. Try it out with different washes to really capitalize on this trend. 

Matching Jackets

Keep it chic and simple with matching jackets atop an all black, all white or denim esemble.