As fashion and hair trends tap into nostalgia, the makers of those trends are celebrating this pop culture moment in time. 90’s stars Matthew Lawrence and Chili Rozonda Thomas, started dating in November 2022 to the surprise of Boy Meets World and TLC lovers everywhere.

The singer, who is nine years Lawrence’s senior, is stepping out with a beau for the first time since her last public relationship with R&B megastar and Super Bowl Performer Usher Raymond. Despite its ending and what seem to be constant reminders of their love, Chili continues to focus on the newfound love she has with Lawrence for who he is, the fun they have and the experiences that they create together. Here’s a bit more about Matthew Lawrence and Chili in their ongoing romance. 

Lawrence and Chili Met On A Post-Snowstorm Flight

(Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for Sandals Resorts)

Matthew Lawrence said that he almost didn’t make the flight. That’s when he crossed paths with Chili who was taking the same trip. They sat together, talked throughout their journey and decided to keep in touch. After exchanging numbers, they did just that. Lawrence, up until that point, had been in a four-year marriage with Dancing with the Stars dancer Cheryl Burke. His divorce was finalized early in 2022. Chili, who had not yet been out with anyone publicly since Usher, said that hours-long conversations confirmed that Lawrence checked all of her boxes. For the first time, Chili said that she found “the one” who meshes well with her son, Tron, whose mother sparks with her mother and makes her feel excited about them continuing to spend time together. 

They Became Instagram Official On New Year’s Eve 2023 

In the video that shocked and warmed the hearts of the internet, TLC star Chili and Boy Meets World Star Lawrence were seen dancing in matching pajamas. Their expressions of love have also brought joy to their family members who have confirmed this is the happiest either of them have been in a relationship. Lawrence, in an interview, also expressed excitement for how things have been going. He also called himself “lucky” to be with her and imagine a future together. The two have also gone on vacation where they captured video of themselves dancing again, laying out, getting tan and going for a walk along the shore. The fun of their romance, they’ve expressed, is a welcomed surprise for them both. 

They’re Taking Steps To Build A Life Together 

(Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for Sandals Resorts)

Chili also celebrated becoming a grandmother to her son Tron’s new daughter, Jeong. This added happiness continues to be a theme in her life, if not amplified by plans for marriage and children with Lawrence, Neither star has gone into detail about those plans, but Lawrence has alluded to them being in the works. Despite differences in ethnicity and race, Chili has confirmed that it isn’t among the many conversations that they have because they have so much in common. Nevertheless, tThe two have attended events together and raved about their love when speaking at engagements. Lawrence has also spoken to their relationship on his Brotherly Love podcast shared with brothers and fellow actors, Joey Lawrence and Andrew Lawrence. We wish Lawrence and Chili a happy relationship and continued success in their individual endeavors.