When it comes to the job search, people often say that that it is a full-time job. However, human resources expert and founder of Balangize Lashaunique Plummer disagrees with that sentiment. The professional asserts that your job search shouldn’t take more than four hours per week. 

“I actually teach my clients that they should only be in the job search four hours a week – one for applying for roles, one for networking, and one to two hours for interview prep,” Plummer explained. 

Long, time-consuming and discouraging job searches take a toll and cause burnout. Many job seekers often have to break up the drawn-out process and reset. It’s time to stop wasting time and energy aimlessly applying to jobs that you don’t want, you’re overqualified for or that you are unqualified for. Instead, make the best use of your time by maximizing your job search.

Plummer explained that job seekers are focused on the wrong things. Despite what all those “recruiting experts” say, they don’t need to worry about to-do items. Some of these things include posting daily on Linkedin, completing endless LinkedIn learning courses, studying for a certification, searching job posts on Linkedin for hours or doing 100+ applications. Job seekers can boil down their job searches to Plummer’s 4×4 method. She encourages people to complete four applications and make four connections throughout four days for four hours each day.

“There is a lot of advice and options when you start your job search, but you can ignore all of it,” Plummer told 21Ninety. “Instead, the 4×4 method lands you a job in just four hours a week and saves you hours of wasted time and energy.”

Four Applications

Apply to four high-quality jobs that you are excited about. Avoid applying to any job that matches your title or just because you can “easy” apply. Plummer explained that a low-quality role doesn’t match your skills, desires or non-negotiables, and produces a 5 percent response rate from employers.

Four Connections 

Make four easy connections on Linkedin or by networking strategically in industries or companies you are interested in. Building connections in this manner helps you to thoughtfully expand your circle to get closer to the roles and resources you want.

Four Active Days 

Say goodbye to night scrolling on job boards. It might be shocking to know you don’t need to job hunt every day of the week. Plummer suggested being active in your job search for four days out of the week.  

“Resting makes you fresh, alert, and available for opportunities, interviews, and connections,” she said.

Four Hours 

Your total job search shouldn’t be more than four hours a week. When you have clear boundaries and targets (salary, roles, etc), this is 100% possible.

“Four focused and productive hours will always trump 40 hours of scattered meaningless activities,” Plummer said.