Concealer can be the secret weapon to (temporarily) combatting those late nights spent up working, celebrating your best friend's birthday or the red-eye flight you had to take for work. Although there's nothing that can replace the beauty of a good night's sleep, concealer is a quick product that many of us go-to for our daily makeup routines. But many drugstore brands offer us pathetically small shade ranges and force women of color to skip concealer altogether or invest in much pricier high-end concealers. Maybelline took note of this lack of inclusion and recently expanded the shade ranges of their coveted " Instant Age Rewind" and "Fit Me" concealers.

Beauty lovers in both deeper and fairer shade ranges can now pick up the concealer that works for them for less than $10. Instant Age Rewind has a built-in applicator that gently applies the concealer to your delicate undereye skin, flawlessly covering up fine lines, puffiness and dark, dull circles. Fit Me is a more traditional concealer that will help you conceal redness, blemishes and flaws.

Check out the shades in your local Target and Walmart stores and online if you're looking for a new concealer. And here's to a future where many more brands follow suit with more inclusive shade ranges at affordable prices.