Meal prep isn’t for the weak. While in the long run, it will offer you lots of ease through the week and create more time to do things you enjoy, it takes some planning. Once you think you’ve got the recipes down and you even have a neat calendar organising your dishes, the actual prep can still feel overwhelming. The trick to meal prepping like a pro truly lies in how equipped your kitchen is. While we’re all about a deliciously slow life spent at our own pace, there is nothing stress-free about being overwhelmed come meal prep day. Cutting down the hours in the kitchen is a very welcomed way to ease back into your flow.

We’re huge fans of meal prep not only because it feels like peak adulting, but also because it creates space for pressure-less lunchtimes/dinners. Sometimes, a home-cooked meal just hits better than a takeaway and when you don’t have the energy to cook, meal prep really saves the day. For those looking to up their meal prep game, this list is all you’ll need to become more efficient. Having these items to hand immediately makes for a smoother Sunday spent blasting your favorite Tiny Desk concerts while preppin’ your dishes for the week ahead. This is what we recommend keeping on your list:

The best items to save time while you meal prep:

Quality mason jars

Having some good quality mason jars is ideal for those smoothie, juice or breakfast recipes. With balancing time for wellness, productivity, and work commitments in the morning, it is easy to forget about breakfast. These jars ensure that you have very little to think about as you enjoy the most important, though hardest meal to prioritize, of the day. Cheers to getting in the first win of the day! 

Leakproof containers

There is nothing to shatter a good and wholesome day like a leaking container. Leakproof containers practically save lives as well as wasted lunches in your bag. Investing in reliable ones will calm your nervous system and bring you confidence with your final dish wherever you eat it. 

Food processor

A versatile food processor is going to take your meal prepping to the next level, trust us. It saves time with chopping, blending, shredding and even making dough from scratch. If you’re looking for consistency with your dishes, this is also an ideal item to enhance your meals. 


A blender that beats the test of time? Yes, please. Perfect for whipping together your go-to sauces, smoothies and shakes, this is a staple in any meal-peppers repertoire.

Baking tray

If there is anything we know, it’s that a sturdy and reliable tray is a must-have for preparation, any day of the week. Being able to bake multiple items at once will save more time than you can imagine. A large tray ensures that you can bake what you need in one go. Keep it simple and organized and you’ll thank yourself later. 

Dissolvable food labels

It’s no secret that having food labels is the icing on the cake that saves you stress and time the following week. Clearly labeled dishes are an underrated act of self-love for the you of tomorrow. These dissolvable labels will prove it to you. The easy clean-up labels dissolve in temperature water and make identifying food a breeze.

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