When you think of Candace Holyfield, three things come to mind – businesswoman, trailblazer, and community. In case you're not familiar, Holyfield is recognized as a certified medical assistant, holistic practitioner, retired massage therapist, motivational speaker, author, and most importantly, CEO of her own personal spa boss tribe. While she strives to be a model example of what Black women entrepreneurs look like, she's also a testament to what happens when you prioritize education and empowerment among a strong community of women.

What led the recently retired and self-proclaimed "Six Figure Spa Chick" down her trailblazing path is the desire for wanting more out of life. Holyfield went from waitressing to attending massage therapy school, and from there, began building her spa empire. 

As the three-time award-winning spa owner of "I Love Candy Spa Parties," she has a clientele base of more than 15,000 people since she first began her business. Her services have been featured within celebrity lounges at Essence Festival and labeled as "The Best Spa Services" for two consecutive years.

Holyfield is also an author of over 30 eBooks written specifically for spa professionals to upsurge their entrepreneurship knowledge and revenues. She's used both her books and platform as a self-made entrepreneur to help create a space for Black spa professionals to thrive with the Queen Spa Expo and The Black Spa Magazine. 

As far as her impact goes, Holyfield hopes to continue inspiring others to follow their business pursuits and wishes to be known for her passion for helping other people that look like her. "I want people to know that I have dedicated my life to helping others open and scale their business," she tells Sheen Magazine. "It's my life mission to help as many people as possible," she further stated.

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