There are a number of Korean-owned beauty supply stores surrounding most corners of Black neighborhoods. The Black community purchases nine times more beauty and grooming products than any other ethnic group, yet owns less than 1% of the beauty industry's market share. Knowing this information, it’s always great to see Black men and women stepping into the industry to bring more of those dollars back into our community.

Dianna Foster is the CEO and Founder of Cova Beauty — Stockbridge, Georgia’s largest beauty supply retailer. Foster created Cova Beauty after continuously looking for something in the industry she couldn’t find. "I wanted to spend money in a space that valued my loyalty by offering a clean, friendly atmosphere, and provided answers to my questions that made me feel welcomed and appreciated," Foster stated.  

Photo: Cova Beauty

With over 6,000 square feet of beauty products for men and women in her own store, Foster is proud to offer everything she wanted and more to her customers. She’s clearly overdelivering on the impact she desired to make. Cova Beauty’s Yelp and Facebook reviews confirm this: They’re stellar. Customers rave about how beautiful the store is, its relatable & knowledgable staff, superior customer service and outstanding product selection. "Women drive sometimes from various cities and states to visit Cova in person because they want to see the store for themselves," Foster revealed. "It still shocks me that a single idea has turned into a safe haven and become a part of people’s lives.”

Photo: Cova Beauty

When asked what the driving force was that led her into the beauty world, Foster mentioned watching her mother get glammed up as a young girl and being the inspiration that turned her love for beauty into a love for business — a business that has changed her life and impacted the community through employment opportunities and economic empowerment. 

Photo: Dianna Foster x Cova Beauty

"This is bigger than my love for beauty," Foster proudly stated. This is about the beauty of purpose. I started with no knowledge about running a beauty supply but I did the work. If you’re willing to work for it, whatever you want, can be yours."

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