Outside of serving up all the most enchanting looks for her music videos, Megan Thee Stallion is also the “It Girl” when it comes to serving up an “everyday” slay. 

The rapper took to Instagram, not once but twice, and threw the entire platform into a frenzy when she debuted a short, brunette bob followed up by a platinum twist. And take it from us — these looks will definitely make you want to go shorter for the upcoming spring and summer months.

On March 25, the “Hot Girl” posted a selfie rocking a short brunette bob which garnered over 2.2 million likes from Instagram users. The style featured a blunt cut with bumped ends; Meg wore her hair swept to the side, with some pieces that fell over her face and her baby hairs laid into a swoop. 

The style definitely came as a surprise to fans, as “Thee Stallion” is usually seen wearing her hair at ridiculously long lengths. But it was unanimous — this surprise look is a favorite. 

Meg must’ve noticed that users went crazy for her brunette bob because she decided to double back on the cropped style by posting pics of her with short platinum blonde locks on April 1.

This style was not as short as Meg’s first bob, but still turned heads and garnered over 1.6 million likes from users on Instagram. 

For this look, Meg decided to stick with her brunette roots, which transitioned into the platinum blond color and featured loose curls. She paired the look with a full denim ensemble and rocked a baby blue Chanel bag along with a diamond cross necklace, gold watch and iced out jewelry. 

So if you were needing any inspiration for the upcoming spring and summer months, look no further than Megan Thee Stallion’s short hair slayage — who knows, maybe she’ll surprise us with another look real soon.