This past Sunday rapper Megan Thee Stallion revealed the launch of her mental health website, “Bad B*tches Have Bad Days Too”. 

On her latest album “Traumazine” the artist shares her struggles with mental health. In her song “Anxiety” she says “ I’m a bad bitch, and I got bad anxiety”. Letting the public know even baddies have rough days too.

The site is split into four sections: LGBTQIA+ community resources, a resources directory, mental health hotlines, and free therapy hotlines. Some of the Black-funded resources on included Black Mental Health Alliance, Dear Black Women Project, and Black Mental Wellness.

On Twitter, a user named Shea Jordan Smith shared that Megan had shared the website to loyal fans and supporters with a message saying, “Hotties! You know how much mental wellness means to me, so I created a hub with resources that can help when you might need a hand. Head to now and check it out. Love y’all so much.”

In an interview on the Facebook Watch series Peace of Mind with Taraji, the rapper shared how the loss of her parent made her open to therapy.

“I’ve lost both of my parents. Now I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, who do I talk to? What do I do?’ I just started learning that it’s OK to ask for help. It’s OK to want to go get therapy,” she said.

She also discussed the stigma around therapy and mental health.

“As a Black person, and when you think of therapy you think of ‘Oh my gosh, I’m weak,’ you think of medication, and you just think the worst,” she says.. “That’s kind of what you see on TV too; like, therapy wasn’t even presented in the media as something that was good. Now it’s becoming safe to say, ‘Alright now, there’s a little too much going on. Somebody help me.’”

Megan is among a growing list of Black celebrities like Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles, who have spoken up about mental health issues.