The Houston hottie is still committed to her natural hair journey.

Recently, we've seen rapper Megan Thee Stallion embracing her natural curls more after partnering with Black-owned hair care brand Mielle Organics. While she still opts for wigs to indulge in her many stunning protective styles, she's still keeping us updated on her new hair growth progress.

This week, she posted a video on social media to mark how far she's come on her #HotGirlHairJourney with a caption that read, "Yes, I am still on my natural hair journey, and yessss we have seen some growth 😛🔥."

She also shared another update yesterday afternoon with the latest products she's using from Mielle Organics. She started her hair journey back in December with her personal stylist Kellon Deryck to see how long and healthy her hair could grow.

Check out some photos below to see how much progress she's made so far.

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