The 27-year-old rapper returned to “Saturday Night Live” with a line up of fan-favorite performances.

SNL Return

Megan Thee Stallion returned to “Saturday Night Live” on Sunday night and gave fans a good time. She first debuted on the show in 2019 alongside Chance the Rapper, and they both performed the song “Handsome.” She later reappeared on the show in 2020, where she performed “Savage” and “Don’t Stop.” Her recent return to “SNL” featured her as a host and musical guest. In a unique ode to her recently-released album “Traumazine,” the rapper performed the leading tracks from the body. She first performed “Anxiety” and later followed it up with “NDA” and “Plan B.” This made her the first female rapper to double duty on the show as a host and performer since Queen Latifah in 2004.

Hot Girl Hospital

The rapper also showcased her acting after she teleported the audience to the hot girl hospital, where she seemingly rehabilitated patients in need of a “bad b- makeover.”

The show also featured several other segments that highlighted the rapper’s acting chops, sometimes accompanied by other “SNL” actors.

The Stallion’s Many Credentials

In a segment of the show, Megan discussed her credentials.

“There’s so much more to me than meets the eye,” the recording artist continued in her monologue.

“For example: I’m a really good actress … I also got my college degree last year from Texas Southern University. … Finishing college while pursuing a rap career is not easy, and I did that while putting out song after song and going on a world tour. So now I can go by another name: Megan the b— that needs some sleep.”

Following the news that the “Plan B” rapper’s Los Angeles home was recently burglarized, she took to social media to share that she would be taking a break after the show to re-focus on herself.



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