Ah, prom season. The time of year when high school seniors all across the nation prepare to show up and show out at one of their final hoorah moments of high school life. Thanks to the power of social media, thousands of "prom dress reveals" have been shared with eager onlookers around the world. 

2018 prom season is in full effect and, while we are already blown away by the glitz and glamour, one Memphis teen used her dress as a tribute to late grandmother and iconic black women. It's INCREDIBLE, to say the least.

Skyler Branch, a 17-year-old White Station High School senior, shared with ELLE that her inspiration for her prom dress stemmed from a young woman whose dress last year was dedicated to victims of police brutality. 

"Me and my mom were in the car on my way to work and we were thinking about ideas for my prom dress. And she actually remembered that a young lady in Florida did a tribute to the police brutality victims on her prom dress last year," Skyler told ELLE. "And so we took that idea and kind of expanded from there and added women who have inspired me in my life, and women who have done so much for me in my life."

According to ELLE, Skyler’s initial list had so many names that she and her mother, Dayna, had to narrow it down to those women who were the most significant to her. 

PHOTO: Dayna Branch

Dayna told Yahoo Lifestyle that Skyler found all the photos of the women who would eventually embellish her viral garment. There are women we all recognize, including Michelle Obama, Maya Angelou and Oprah, and there are women the world has come to know from her unique dress, such as her great-grandmother, her paternal grandmother who passed away and her mom. The dress also has a photo of the first African-American female veterinarian in the U.S., Dr. Alfreda J. Webb; Dr. Webb is significant to Skyler because she will be going to college for pre-vet studies. 

And this is not the end for Skyler, in terms of wearing statement pieces. The teen told ELLE that she has something up her sleeve for graduation as well but we will all just have to wait and see what it is. Until then, we will just continue to swoon over her gorgeous and inspirational prom dress. 

PHOTO: Dayna Branch

Dayna mentioned to Yahoo Lifestyle that her daughter has received a lot of positive feedback, though negative comments have also made their way to Skyler. However, Dayna hopes Skyler will view both as a learning lesson. 

"I told her, 'at the end of the day, before prom, no one knew your name. So, whether they’re saying your name in a negative way or a positive way, they’re saying your name,'" Dayna said to Yahoo Lifestyle. "And that’s much more than prom, and if you inspire one person, you’ve done your job."

Skyler Branch
PHOTO: Dayna Branch

Taraji P. Henson and other celebrities liked Dayna's post of Skyler's dress, which felt like a dream come true for the senior. And if it serves as additional consolation, Skyler, you have definitely inspired us! No matter who won the title that night, she is definitely one of our 2018 Prom Queens.