Black History Month is always a time where many corporations, brands and businesses go all out to prove their commitment and connection to our communities. From celebrating our contributions to the world to giving us the platforms to discuss the issues that we face—BHM is a time where companies seem to truly put their money where their mouths are. As we have become more open to talking about our mental health and the need for more Black faces in spaces dedicated to psychology, there have been strides taken to focus on the specific struggles Black people bring to therapy but there is still a long way to go. According to statistics, 16% (4.8 million) of Black and African American people reported having a mental illness. When it comes to treatment, only 1 in 3 Black Americans who could benefit from mental health treatment receive it. Back in 2018, nearly 55% of Black and African American adults with serious mental illness did NOT receive treatment. 

There is one company who is looking to be part of changing that. 

This year, BetterMea leading behavioral healthcare company with over 100M users worldwide is launching educational courses on February 1st for this exact purpose. The 7-day course will feature daily meditations, created and narrated by mental health coaches and psychotherapists working in black communities globally, that will be free to the community throughout the entire month of February. In a statement the company said, “We are striving to make the BetterMe: Mental Health app inclusive, offering accessible and helpful content to everyone looking for emotional support. In order to destigmatize mental health issues and treatment, we take an active part in awareness campaigns to normalize mental health problems and advance justice.” 

Along with diverse guided meditations, self-worth affirmations, and healing sessions, the program will also discuss: tools for self-reflection and self-empowerment, fighting prejudice against engaging in mental health assistance, impact of Black representation and identification on our self-perception, fostering the sense of community and belonging, generational healing, internalized racism and self-acceptance and building confidence by speaking your truth and making your voice matter. 

As self-care and mental health take a more visible spot at the top of many new year resolutions, it is important that we remember we cannot do it all alone. And even those who love us the most are not skilled in tackling some of the issues we may be facing. We must be courageous and open to seeking out the help we need with no shame. So many bright lights are being snuffed out by mounting depression, undiagnosed disorders and an attempt to escape pain via destructive behaviors. If you find yourself in need of mental health support, companies like BetterMe are a great way to start the process in an affordable way. Reach out and take care of yourself.