Mented Cosmetics has changed the beauty game for black women who have jobs which require subtle yet professional makeup looks. When we spoke to Mented Cosmetics co-founders a while back, they shared an important motivator behind their line:

"Everyone wants to put brown-skinned women in bold, bright colors, but as professionals, we needed an everyday look for work."

Their beauty line is an absolute success for women of color who need nude lipsticks, nail polishes, lip glosses and eyeshadows that will add just enough to your beauty look without boxing you a "into a 'fierce' corner," as the co-founders mentioned other cosmetics companies do when it comes to black women. 

Mented Cosmetics released an Everyday Eyeshadow Palette which features a collection of shimmery and matte eyeshadow shades that complimented the skin of people of color. The palette features 9 shades of the "right colors to take you from your morning meeting to post-work drinks and everything in between," as their description puts it. 

What’s even greater than the palette shades flawlessly complimenting melanated skin is that the palette is vegan, non-toxic, paraben-free and cruelty-free, so you don’t have to worry about toxic products on your face. Here’s the kicker about the palette: There’s a waiting list for the palette with over 1,600 people on it. The Everyday Eyeshadow Palette has sold out time after time, according to Refinery 29.

While you wait patiently for the palette, we wanted to put you on to other Mented Cosmetics products that you can get your hands on in the meantime. Keep scrolling for our Mented Cosmetics favorites:

Lip Trios

Having a set of everyday lipsticks is a MUST and, luckily, Mented has done the work for us by setting up trios that are perfect for every season. Their Summer Lip Shades contain Peach Please, Brown Bare and Brand Nude — lip colors that are hydrating and provide the perfect nude and pink-ish colors for the perfect summer look. The Fall Lip Shades contain Nude LaLa, Dope Taupe, Mented #5 and their Winter shades contain Foxy Brown, Brown Bare, Dark Night. Mented has also created a lip color chart so you can find the perfect lip shade for your skin tone.

Nude Nail Collection

Get ready for the perfect manicure with Mented’s Nude Nail Collection. The collection includes: Pinkish, a soft pink shade for an everyday clean nail look; Yes We Tan: a tan nude that compliments any skin-tone for the perfect nude mani; Brown & Bougie: a rich brown shade that keeps your manicure look neutral and classy. 

Gloss For Grown Ups – Lip Gloss Collection

Gloss is definitely in so while you wait to be emailed for the eyeshadow palette, be sure to get your hands on their Lip Gloss Collection — Gloss For Grown Ups — which features the shades: Mauve Over: a deeply pigmented mauve gloss that compliments all complexions flawlessly; Send Nudes: a nude gloss, but for black and brown beauties, so you know it’s good; Berry Me: a darker berry shade to give your lips a flush of color that isn’t too flashy; Baby Brown: a glossy brown shade to give you a glossy but classy vibe. 

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