Mercury will be in retrograde four times during the year 2024, which is one more time than that of 2023. Already a dreaded period, adding another round can feel like cruel and unusual punishment.

When Mercury is in retrograde, it appears to be spinning backwards from our view here on earth. As it makes its way around the sun for 88 earth-length days, it creates the illusion of moving in reverse when compared to our earthly 365-day journey. Mercury isn’t actually moving in the opposite direction, but it’s during this time that communication, travel, creation and connection.

Everything impacted by the exchange of information flies out of whack. While scientists report that there’s no evidence of Mercury and its journeys influencing our behaviors, astrologers and personal testimonials say different. Here’s a bit more about Mercury Retrograde 2024, when it’s happening and what to expect. 

When Is Mercury Retrograde 2024?

The first retrograde of the year ended on January 1st, 2024. You might be thinking, “then it isn’t the first of the year.” However, before and after every retrograde, there is a shadow period where the start and finish has residual effects as the planets and people get back to their regular programming.

This current retrograde is expected to end on April 24th, but won’t be fully out of our systems in terms of impact until May 13th. Because this retrograde is taking place during the Aries season (between March 21st and April 19th), those signs will be affected most and we can stand to learn our lessons from their strife. Aries, who usually move quickly and boldly, are encouraged to slow down, think before they speak and minimize knee-jerk reactions. And, honestly, we can all stand to be a bit more thoughtful.

We have another retrograde between August 5th, 2024 and August 27th, 2024 before the last of the year during November 25th, 2024 and December 15th, 2024. Here’s how to curb the chaos and confusion. 

How To Survive Mercury Retrograde 

It’s been said that, typically, friends fall out, relationships end over miscommunication and misunderstandings, during this time when the planet isn’t even spinning backwards. Yet, here we are! Brain fog ensues, headaches are more frequent and uncertainty increases around work and creative projects.

Some companies may stray away from signing contracts during this time as things are up in the air…literally. And, while we can’t control how Mercury moves through the galaxy, we can control our behaviors (mostly). Because miscommunication seems much more rampant during this time, it’s important that we show one another compassion. Confirm the deets and be open to change. Be kind to yourself, too. It’s fair to misunderstand. Use clarification as your guide. 

Tips and Mantras for Mercury Retrograde 2024

In this world, where media is being produced at a high level and instant gratification is the experience and expectation, listening actively can help to decrease mistakes. When we listen, we must also be mindful of our bodies. They communicate, too! So when we’re receiving information, think openly and present your body in the same way. If something is said that rattles you, take the time to yourself to choose calm. Gather yourself and express your ideas. Your feelings and ideals are valid. And if they feel particularly stimulated by your regular indulgence into social media, feel free to step away from that too. Astrologers suggest that you reflect, redo and reimagine.

Think before you speak, create room for error and then keep an open mind about how things can be improved even if that includes incorporating some change. As always, we’re rooting for you! Wishing you a mindful and easeful mercury retrograde this time and next time around.