Have you noticed a shift in energy lately? Maybe everything seems to feel a bit out of place? Don’t worry you’re not crazy, it’s just Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrograde started Tuesday, May 10th, and lasts until June 3rd. It’s commonly associated with confusion, technical issues, and lack of communication.

I’m no astrologer, but I have knowledgeably gone through several Mercury retrogrades enough to know a thing or two about them and know how to get through it. So let’s break it down for you.

What Exactly Is Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is considered to be in retrograde when it gives the illusion that the planet is appears to be moving backwards from our view on Earth. Astrologers say that the resulting energy of the changing astrological landscape can affect your mental as well as your physical state. It can also cause a lot of uncommon situations to happen at your expense.
It’s not all bad though! Ultimately it is a time to reflect and learn from situations you may not have fully learned from in the past. Often times, people say they receive messages from exes during Mercury retrograde.
Astrologer Valerie Mesa once referred to Mercury retrograde as something that could “stir things up and challenge you to revisit a relationship pattern.” She goes on to add “many of us may find ourselves thinking about our exes and reaching out to them, or our exes may be reaching out to us” but this doesn’t mean you should give them another chance. You should use the opportunity to learn and resolve any unfinished business. Don’t let them rope you into getting back together!

Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Throughout the many times I’ve experienced retrograde, I’ve created some tips to keep in mind on your retrograde journey.

1. Do not make any large commitments. That includes starting a new job, signing or negotiating contracts or closing a sale.

2. Remember to take a close look at your finances. Take note of any bad financial habits you’ve had and use this time to improve them.

3. Let go of grudges! Due to all of the commotion, you may feel triggered by unresolved conflict. Instead of letting that anger take hold of you, try to reflect and resolve them.

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4. Take your time. Mercury retrograde is known for messing up travel, transportation and timing. Make sure to give yourself time to get anywhere or do anything.

5. Try not to let conflict aggravate you. Be patient and give grace when conflicts arise with loved ones over communication. Always think before you speak and allow loved ones to do the same.

With these tips and tricks, you are not only bound to have a smooth Mercury retrograde but one that may even be beneficial for you!