Mercury is the planet of thoughts, communication, travel and technology (and a teeny bit of chaos during the Mercury retrograde period). The sign that Mercury was in when you were born reveals a lot about how you communicate and how you choose to use your thoughts and words. A quick check of your natal chart will help you grasp what your Mercury sign strengths and tendencies might be. Some find themselves constantly chatting (and confidently so), while others prefer to turn inward, leaning into the softer speech.

So, how is Mercury showing up in your chart and prompting your communication style?

What Each Mercury Sign Means

Mercury in Aries

A fiery Mercury sign in none other than Aries is sure to bring out unfiltered and impulsive communication. Aries is a sign known for never holding-back. If you have a Mercury in Aries, it is likely that you say what’s on your mind, sometimes even before thinking about the consequences. The refreshing aspects of a Mercury in Aries is being the friend who is direct, extremely straightforward and a fast-learner.

Mercury in Taurus

Taurus is all about ease and being stubbornly committed to living comfortably. When it comes to communication, Mercury in this sign is perceived as calm and level-headed. Don’t expect many outbursts with Mercury in Taurus natives as they are typically very orderly. With Mercury in Taurus, words mean little and action is more valuable. Interested in material results, they like to walk the walk rather than talk the talk. The real pleasure is enjoying the fruits of their well-thought out plans.

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury is right at home in Gemini and so expect nothing but effortless communication skills and an ability to absorb information quickly. Planet Mercury governs Gemini as well as Virgo. Gemini Mercurians are usually pretty treasured by all who engage in conversation with them. They’re witty, fast-thinkers, charming and able to tell the very best stories. One of the most desirable positions for Mercury to be in, Gemini Mercurys makes good conversation look like a breeze and cannot exist without it.

Mercury in Cancer

Intuitive and emotionally aware, Cancer takes the shape of an emotionally-led communicator. Cancer Mercury’s are known for speaking in whispers and like knowing and sharing secrets. They’re far from direct; think of the Cancer Mercury as always valuing the quieter details, the pillow talks and the hushed stories.

Mercury in Leo

Leos are known for being playful and this Mercury communication style 100% represents that. While Leo Mercurys don’t shy away from a theatrical retelling of a story, they can also be loving, generous and very keen listeners. Every thing and every word is managed with sincerity for the Mercury in Leo native. Audacity and authenticity are what make them stand out in how they communicate.

Mercury in Virgo

Logic and practicality reigns when Mercury is in Virgo. As Mercury’s second favorite, Virgo is ruled by the planet and so is a masterful communicator. Virgo Mercury people are typically very intelligent, precise and never over-speak or exaggerate what they know. Instead, their thoughts and speech show off their natural powerhouse capabilities, every time.

Mercury in Libra

All about peace and harmony, Libran Mercury feels most at home when things are smooth sailing in the group. The air element means that communication and being social is a huge part of their livelihood. For sure a Mercury in Libra individual can work with almost anyone about almost anything. They think and communicate in diplomatic ways which usually means they seek to remain neutral most of the time.

Mercury in Scorpio

Known for being secretive and extremely intuitive, Mercury in Scorpio is a magnetic communicator. They attract those willing to talk about taboo topics and repel those who keep it surface level. It’s true that Scorpios have a natural inclination to being intense which also shows up with Mercury’s influence. Let this sign show you how meaningful and intentional the bond is and you’ll hear stories and secrets from them like never before.

Mercury in Sagittarius

The goofiest and most enjoyable of all the Mercury signs, Sagittarius Mercurys are hard to mistake. Sagittarius Mercury placements know exactly how to tell the story, make you laugh and how to be outrageous in their communication. This Mercury sign doesn’t hold back even if you beg them. They’re usually unthinkably positive, philosophical and reflective when they’re not acting up for some laughs.

Mercury in Capricorn

The goal-oriented, undistracted GOATS will forever be the Mercury in Capricorn. If there is one defining style of a Mercury in Capricorn’s communication style, it is their realistic thinking. They always think and speak efficiently, preferring not to waste anyone’s time (especially not their own) and aren’t afraid to confront a ‘BFFR’ moment, with eye contact. While sometimes coming off as cold, they’re naturally trustworthy and dependable.

Mercury in Aquarius

Aquarius placements are unusual, in the best, most inviting way possible. When Mercury resides in Aquarius, the individual is sure to be full of surprises and say all the things people want to say with all the easy-going energy in the world. The easiness shouldn’t be confused as being a pushover though; Aquarius Mercurys cannot be told what to do or when to do it. Mercury can work well in Aquarius who loves knowledge, and pouring into the wider community but isn’t showy about it.

Mercury in Pisces

The vivid dreamers and creative souls are usually born when Mercury is in Pisces. The signature of a Pisces Mercury individual is a gentle communicator with a love for vast questions and open-mindedness. Even in tough moments, Pisces Mercury natives believe in magic and transformation above everything else.

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