Every year the Met Gala sets the world and the internet on fire with new beauty and fashion trends worn by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Between videos of interviews and photos of our favorite moments surfacing and circulating on the internet, it almost feels as if we’re there.

And, because these moments have been captured, we have the liberty of reviewing their looks from our beds while in our bonnets, sitting at home. This year’s theme was “The Garden of Time” and the celebrities did not disappoint. The fits were fun, the hair was slayed and the nail added to a spectrum of stylistic expression. From 3D inspired, long and square to deep toned, almond shaped acrylics, here are the met gala nail trends to take to your tech. 

(Photo by Cindy Ord/MG24/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue)

Every color, shape and length had its moment and we’ve made a list of some of our favorite showstoppers…starting with none other than Taraji P. Henson. Taraji’s gown combined timeless gems like crystals and pearls with a floral headdress of pale pink roses. Her nails complemented the look focusing more on the gem details of her fit. Although nude in color and nature, the length, gems and dimension are what brought the textures to life.

Similarly, Keke Palmer went the silver tone, long set route to match a mummified gown that sparkled in silver while hugging her frame. The high pony that she wore snatched her jewel-framed face which complemented her claw-like set of nude-base, silver ombre nails. We love a regal nail look that’s heavy on the glitz that says I’m worth it – because they are! 

Jewel-Toned Nail Looks Featuring Gems and French Tips

(Photo by Arturo Holmes/MG24/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue)

Next up, we have Cardi B whose black, voluptuous headwrap and dress allowed her jewelry and nails to be the center of attention. Cardi went with a jade-colored set of long, 3D sculpted, nude nails with a thick jade french tip and asymmetrical filing. She has proven that whatever set of nails she wants to wear are her “everyday nails” and this moment is no different. Also a usual fan of the bedazzle, she kept her look rather simple this time around. Still stunning and beautiful, her jade-colored french tip set was amplified by the length of her nails and the solid colors of her outfit. Teyana Taylor also went with color, incorporating a short, neutral-based bejeweled set of nails into her look. Fiery red-colored manicures are also trending which is captured not only in her nails, but in her rose adorned gown.  

Zendaya’s rose-colored nails were of a deeper hue along the lines of a weathered flower as did her deep blue and jade colored dress with a tulle construction. The burgundy, almond-shaped and medium-length nail set was complemented by a similar-colored eyeshadow and lipstick. She switched up the look to a second gown, black and floral, keeping her same deep-red nail look. This nail set shows us that not only can deeper tones be neutral, but they can be worn in spring particularly when you’re attending the timeless Met Gala.

Met Gala Nail Trends: Classic Color Combos Can Pop

(Photo by Noam Galai/GC Images)

Along the lines of switching things up and/or making them your own, Cynthia Erivo also donned a set of nails that combined vibes from her pink petal-covered, cropped tux jacket and train-detailed black skirt. A nude base combined with sparkly silver shimmer, pink circular shapes and black outlining blended perfectly with her Met Gala look while being bold enough to stand on their own. Last, but certainly not least are Lil Nas X, Janelle Monae and Tyla. Lil Nas X, who shared a nail tech with Taraji this year, also embraced the silver, jeweled, long and square nail trends. Adorned with jewels similar to that of his three-piece suit, Nas X knew that his set was the moment as he took the opportunity to show them off with each pose. His jewelry also aligned with the ivory, jewel theme of his look that were complemented by a bleach blonde ‘fro.

Janelle Monae had a similar inspiration show up in her gown and nails: crystal embellishments. Dangles of crystal hung from a few of the nails in her set, amplified by the bubble-themed dress that hugged her body while resembling a bath. Sequins and iridescence characterized her Met Gala look, nails and even made their way onto Tyla’s nails too. Tyla, whose sandy, bodycon, needed-to-be-lifted-to-each-stair gown also mimicked an hourglass wore a wet, hair look, juxtaposed by her water drop-inspired, bejeweled nail set. From each almond shaped nail hung a crystalized water drop that moved with each wave of her hand. Nude in color, combining shimmer and drama, the “Water” singer’s nail look also fits within the apparent theme within a theme  of shimmer and neutral. We love the imagery, the storytelling and the boldness of all of our faves’ nail looks and look forward to the next get together.