Our forever first lady is coming to Netflix, again! In Michelle Obama's new show, Waffles + Mochi, which is also the name of the two puppets who are best friends, she stars as a supermarket owner helping them journey worldwide discovering global ingredients. Living in The Land of Frozen Food, Waffles and Mochi share the same goal of becoming extraordinary chefs.

With the help of Mrs. Obama and a mystical shopping cart to serve as their guide, the two BFFs travel to farms, kitchens, and restaurants from the Andes of Peru, to Japan and Italy. Not to mention guest appearances by renowned chefs and celebrities, including Rashida Jones, Common, Mashama Bailey, and to name a few. A true adventure indeed that kids will love and families can enjoy together! 

In a statement included with the official press notes, our former FLOTUS had this to say, "I couldn't be more excited to join in this hilarious, heartwarming, and simply magical show — and I'm not just saying that because of the flying shopping cart. I only wish Waffles + Mochi had been around when my daughters were growing up, because it's the kind of program that's fun to watch together as a family, and gives parents the peace of mind to know that their little ones are learning something, too." 

She continued, "In many ways, Waffles + Mochi is an extension of my work to support children's health as First Lady. We know that everybody loves good food and a good story. And that's exactly what our curious and adventurous heroes provide, whether they're discovering the possibilities of potatoes, the world of pickling, or the art of cleaning up a cracked egg." 

So whether you're a kid or an adult, get ready to sharpen those culinary skills. And mark your calendars because it's going down on Tuesday, March 16. Let the countdown begin, and check out the trailer below!