Milan started from the bottom, but refused to be a victim of circumstance. This unapologetic and fashionable boss has proven she is more than just a pretty face with a notable cash flow.


In 2012, Milan created the popular Philadelphia-based affordable luxury apparel brand, Milano Di Rouge

Her designs have been seen on celebrity faves such as Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Cardi B, LaLa Anthony and more. Looking at her social media following and undeniable success, it's easy to think Milan achieved the ultimate "come-up," but the Philadelphia native’s vision did not come to her overnight. 

Once she became tired of working solely for an income and started living for her passion, her dreams shifted from fantasy to reality. Check out her video below: 

Milan spoke to 21Ninety to share how she went from "getting by" to living her best life: 

21Ninety: You started as a hairstylist and transformed into the Founder/CEO of a popular apparel brand. What was the AH-HA moment when you realized being a hairstylist was not enough for you?  

Milan: I wasn't passionate as a hairstylist. Doing something for income only wasn’t satisfying as my lifetime goal. A client of mine suggested I start blogging because I always provided them with great insights on life and style topics. Milano Di Rouge was started from a vision. I made my dreams a reality! 

21N: Have you always had a love of transforming people or helping people achieve the best versions of themselves?

Milan: Yes, I’m big on empowerment and helping people see their true potentials. However, I can only help you as far as you believe you can go. I want the youth to know that hustling can be a positive thing and they can literally become whoever/whatever they aspire to be. 

21N: You are Philly born and raised. How did your upbringing influence your brand?

Milan: I’m from the bottom of West Philadelphia. I was built to survive. My ambition is that of a refined street hustler. I’m hands on with my business — everything from conception to construction. I am there to make sure everything is executed. I have an amazing team and we vibe off the similar vision. 

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21N: Speaking of being a Philly native, we know Meek Mill is one of your homeboys and has rocked a few Milano di Rogue pieces. How does it feel to have celebrities like Meek supporting your brand?

Milan: The support is such an enormous blessing. Especially when people tag me in photos and I wasn’t aware that talent purchased my brand. I’m genuinely grateful. 

21N: Your following on social media is impressive, and you have used social platforms to assist in growing your professional network but even with all the likes, for you, that still wasn’t enough. Explain to us why that was.  

Milan: Likes aren't always equivalent to dollars. My social media platforms help me engage and advertise to my clients but ultimately it’s a combination of multiple avenues that help me. I’m forever developing and growing to keep abreast with the industry. 

21N: We know other women, especially women of color, probably ask you for advice on different subjects all the time. We want to know your recipe for success as well! What advice do you give to other female entrepreneurs looking to get their start or improve their business?

Milan: Let your passion be your driving force. Never get too comfortable. Study your craft. Learn all you can to continuously keep growing. 

21N:  Being a dope woman-prenuer is great, but self-care is also very important when running an empire. How do you manage everything on your plate and still cater to what you need?

Milan: I listen to my body! When rest is needed I take that time. Physical and mental health is very important. You can’t run your business in a non-cognitive state.  

21N: What is a mantra or quote or song that helps you get through your days, particularly those trying days?

Milan: "It’s never too late to follow your dreams."

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21N: And you wanted to spread the importance of self-care to other women, but not just through words. Tell us about the Womanaire Reciprocity Retreat.  

Milan: The Womanaire is an adult female entrepreneur. The Womanaire Reciprocity Retreat (scheduled to take place August 5th to the 8th) is a wellness retreat catering to self empowerment through spirituality, meditation, and therapeutic sessions. We’re encouraging women to reciprocate self love. They will enjoy a 3-night/4-Day personal rejuvenation retreat that includes a shared co-ed room/bath, chef-prepared meals, workshops, one-on-one sessions, contemplative practices, group discussions, solo exploration, and the tools needed to map your future success.  Release, Restore and Reward themselves! Women will be inspired to nourish their body, enlighten their minds, and delight their senses through curated sessions. Our board certified licensed therapist, healing specialists, and (I) will help them leave recharged, refocused and revitalized.

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21N: For this retreat there is a 16 women max, but do you see yourself hosting larger retreats or events in the future?

Milan:: Yes, definitely. I would like to continue these annually. Not just Retreats, I want to develop conferences and exhibitions for women entrepreneur. Womanaire is a movement!

If you are interested in learning more about Milan and the Womanaire Club, click here to visit her website. 

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