Meagan Ward, the Founder of Detroit’s first women-only workspace (FEMOLOGY) will be a featured speaker for the U.S. Embassy during its 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence campaign, the international campaign and series of empowerment events taking place at the U.S. Embassy headquarters in Tbilisi, Georgia. A self-made entrepreneur, Ward knows what it means to struggle and grind.  

“Meagan’s work to elevate the role of women in business and society is truly inspiring, and she embodies a message we hope to convey during our 16 Days Against Gender Violence campaign.  We want women here to see an example of someone who has triumphed over hardship and hopefully be inspired to take the next step towards achieving their own dreams.”- Damian Wampler, Cultural Attaché, United States Embassy 

She will be in Georgia meeting victims of domestic violence and incarcerated women to teach them the building blocks of entrepreneurship and generating income for their families. 

“I believe I was selected because I serve as symbolism for women rising and creating their own opportunity despite their circumstance. Born and raised in Detroit has come with challenges, but I used those exact challenges to create a life that is fulfilling and nurturing to my highest being. Anyone on the globe can make their mark in history and inspire on any level. Our stories, our experiences, our purposes play a direct role in the advancement of our communities and beyond. Being recruited by the US Embassy to speak to women in Georgia on entrepreneurship is a dream, a dream that I envision will impact and inspire the generation now and coming."-Meagan Ward

This is the era when making a local impact is key to building your personal and professional brand, but let's also focus on making a global impact as well. Meagan drops a few tips on how we can make a global impact below:

1. Use your life experiences, wins, failures and challenges to create the narrative of your success story.

2. Serve a need to help people by integrating with what you’re good at, what you’re passionate about.

3. Disrupt social norms and stereotypes on a global level by starting in your community. These can relate to topics and policies that you want to change.

4. Never underestimate the power of people and cultivating relationships. Connect with people who believe and can help enhance your vision.

5.Be an expert what you do, even if that means continually evolving in your skill set. Your strengths make you more visible!