Weddings have the ability to bring up a lot of feelings, both good and bad. They bring together family and friends for a special occasion based on love. And they can also stir up a lot of drama.

Recently, a woman went viral for saying that she and her friends skipped one of her best friend’s weddings. She learned that the event was going to be dry, meaning that the couple decided not to serve alcohol. People were quick to call her a terrible friend for letting drinks keep her from attending her friend’s nuptials. The lack of open bar shouldn’t stop you from attending a wedding; however, there are good reasons to miss a friend’s big day.

While all reasons are legitimate, if you truly mean them, it still requires a conversation. 

There’s a Death

Sometimes moments of great joy are accompanied by moments of grief and devastation. If a couple starting their new life together coincides with someone transitioning out of this life, then it’s totally fine to prioritize saying goodbye. Your friend will surely understand your desire to pay your respects to the deceased.

You Can’t Afford It

Weddings are not only expensive for the couple. They also can cost a lot of money for the guests. If you have to travel to a destination, get lodging, get an outfit, a gift and get food, the costs can sky rocket quickly. Your friend may be disappointed, but you have to go back to your real life after the day.

You’re Going Through a Hard Time

If there’s something in your personal life that requires your immediate attention, including your mental health or your relationship, then it might be best to devote your attention to this instead of going to a wedding.

You Don’t Want to Bring Negative Energy

If your friend has chosen someone you don’t like and you don’t support the idea of the union, then you may have to decide if it’s more important to support your friend or stand on your convictions. If you don’t believe in the union or are going to spend the whole event negatively talking about the couple, then maybe you should stay home.