Unless you have been completely checked out from social media, there is a very high chance that you’ve been seeing videos of two Black girls running through crowds rapping their latest single. Those viral girls are the rap group, Flyana Boss and they are taking social media by storm. So much so, that even Missy Elliott has taken on to the trend and made her own video of her running to their song, “You Wish.”

Flyana Boss x Missy Elliott

The duo wished Missy Elliott a happy birthday on Twitter and gave the icon props.

“The fearless leader of Supa Dupa Flyness, we wouldn’t know how to be Fly or a Boss without her, @MissyElliott happy birthday we love you,” the account tweeted.

In the video, the duo can be seen running through the streets of LA wishing the artists a happy birthday and mentioning how she paved the way for many of today’s artists. Missy Elliott also defended the group in separate tweets.

One user commented about the number of videos the group has posted of them rapping their song while running through crowds.

“I promise I’m not hating, I’m legit asking; how many times they gon do the same thing in different videos for this song,” the tweet read.

Elliott came to their defense to explain how marketing in the music industry works.

In the tweet, she said, “This old school tactic if you do a bunch of things you confuse the audience.”

She continued to explain why the tatctic Flyana Boss is using, makes sense.

“They don’t know who you are That’s why most successful artist have eras and for that era they consistently do the same style and sound so you build a particular fan base,” the music legend wrote.

She went on to explain that in order to be a successful artist you have to be consistent with the image you share with your audience.