A sweaty workout is so satisfying. That is, until you realize your underwear is sopping wet with sweat. Moisture wicking underwear can help.

Having to deal with damp underwear is especially disheartening on a day when you forget to pack an extra pair. It’s important to keep your undercarriage clean and dry, so that you can avoid a yeast infections, according to a Mount Sinai hospital. 

Instead of always trying to keep tabs on your underwear inventory, grab some moisture wicking underwear. They come in silhouettes that you already know, such as hiphugger, bikini and high rise briefs. Sweat wicking panties are not made with a claustrophobic fabric, which is helpful for keeping you feeling cool and comfy. 

21Ninety wants to help you shop for a new pair of moisture wicking underwear to keep you dry at the gym and beyond.

Fruit of the Loom

If you’re looking to buy in bulk, check out Fruit of the Loom Women’s Breathable Underwear. On the brand’s Amazon page, you can choose from one of three styles in a range of sizes.

The Breathable Micro Mesh has a cooling waistband and mesh material to amplify airflow. It is specifically for those who want a cooling pair of panties without sacrificing that familiar cotton feel. The breathable cooling stripe option has vented zones on the panties for a quick-dry effect.


Uniqlo’s Airism line is all about breathability. When the brand dropped the Ultra Seamless High-Rise Briefs, it was no surprise that these no-show panties also carry a cooling element.

The 100-percent cotton gusset of these panties is the element behind the cooling effect. Wear these high-rise briefs available in sizes XS to XXL under your leggings without fear of visible panty lines.


If you love wearing ruched workout leggings, then Parade’s Sweat-Wicking Workout Thong is definitely for you. Found under the Sport+ section of the brand’s site, this seamless thong features a cotton lining that keeps the panties in place while wicking away moisture fast. It is especially made for those who work up a sweat.

These panties are made in sizes XS through 3XL.


It is a known fact that Lululemon makes leggings. However, did you know the athleisure brand makes the perfect moisture wicking underwear too?

The UnderEase Super-High-Rise Shortie Underwear is perfect for those who prefer to wear undergarments that resemble a pair of shorts. The high-rise undergarments have a five inch inseam that help to keep chafing at bay while you workout.

These breathable sweat wicking shorts are made in the brand’s highest rise, so that you feel supported, cool and dry from the inner thighs up to the waist. These shorts are available in sizes XS to XXL.


Photo Courtesy of Thinx

Thinx thinks ahead. Their moisture wicking underwear option is for when you’re ready to workout while your monthly visitor is in town.

The Air Hiphugger provides up to two regular tampons worth of absorption while the panty’s mesh fabric keeps you cool. It also provides extra coverage in the rear to prevent any wedgies or shifting. These period-ready panties are available in sizes XS to 4X.


If you’re ever worried about any sudden leaks from a squat jump, sneeze or chuckle, then try out the Shadow Mesh Leakproof High Rise from Knix.

Designed to hold three teaspoons of liquid, these moisture wicking panties will have you covered when you need it most. Along with an absorbent gusset, these panties feature large mesh panels on the sides of the underwear to wick away sweat while you move or catch your breath.

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