Fun fact: You don’t need to use a heavy cream to moisturize the skin. A face spray delivers just the right amount of moisture for your skin’s needs – especially in the warmer months. 

“Face sprays are an easy and convenient way to moisturize the skin,” board-certified dermatologist at VIDA Wellness and Beauty, Alberto de la Fuente Garcia, told 21Ninety. 

How do face sprays help to moisturize the skin? 

“[Face sprays] are typically made with light, water-based ingredients like hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, they can hydrate the skin without leaving it feeling greasy or sticky,” the dermatologist said.

Dr. Garcia noted that most face sprays also have a cooling effect that can help soothe skin and reduce redness. 

What ingredients to shop for a moisturizing face spray? 

Hyaluronic acid is one of the top ingredients to look for in a moisturizing face spray.

“[Hyaluronic acid] has the ability to hold up to 1000x its weight in water, making it super effective at locking in moisture and keeping skin hydrated,” Dr. Garcia explained. 

Additional ingredients the dermatologist recommended included aloe vera, glycerin, coconut water, and antioxidants like vitamin E.

“These ingredients can help keep skin looking plump and radiant while providing long-lasting hydration,” Dr. Garcia said.

What ingredients to avoid in a moisturizing face spray? 

When shopping for a moisturizing face spray avoid harsh alcohols and sulfates. Garcia says ingredients like these “an strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it feeling tight and uncomfortable.

The dermatologist also said to steer clear of heavy perfumes or fragrances – especially if you have sensitive skin.

“These can be irritating and may cause redness and inflammation in certain skin types,” Dr. Garcia clarified. 

Ahead, shop moisturizing face sprays for every skin type. And, if you ever feel that you might be sensitive to a product, follow Dr. Garcia’s advice and do a patch test. 

Sensitive skin

Yes, you can spray Evian on your skin. The water brand’s Brumisateur Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray has one ingredient – mineral water. Which makes it a great choice for ultra sensitive skin.

Deflated skin

The Plump + Juicy Vegan Collagen + Probiotic Spray-On Serum by Kosas is a great choice for anyone looking to revive their deflated skin. This moisturizing face spray is powered by three key ingredients.

Vegan collagen visibly firms the skin. A blend of peptides aid the skin in looking plump. Hyaluronic acid delivers serious moisture to the skin’s surface.

Eczema-prone skin

If you have eczema-prone skin, check out the Like Butter Body Hydrating and Soothing Mist from Topicals. This vegan face spray helps reduce redness while moisturizing your skin. 

Centella asiatica helps heal skin that’s been damaged by external stressors. Allantoin calms and soothes the face. Lactic acid helps to diffuse dead skin cells. Plus, niacinamide is in the formula mix which helps to improve the appearance of your skin’s texture. 

Dry skin

Photo Courtesy of Sephora

Laneige’s Cream Skin Mist is a K-Beauty staple that provides up to 12 hours of moisture to your skin. As a lightweight spray, the portable moisturizer is great for year-round use.

White leaf tea water is a part of the ingredient list to hydrate and soothe the skin. And, there’s camellia sinensis leaf extract which is an anti-inflammatory antioxidant derived from green tea leaves. The Cream Skin Mist is fragrance-free, paraben, and phthalates free.

Dull skin

Photo Courtesy of Sephora

Is your skin in need of a moisturizing glow-up? Then, consider Kaja’s Mist Me Hydrating Face Mist.

Most of the ingredient list is fruit-forward which helps to brighten the appearance of the skin. The moisturizing face spray uses pineapple extract to brighten your skin. Coconut extract conditions it. The all star ingredient, hyaluronic acid, moisturizes.

Irritated skin

Herbivore’s Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Mist has four of Dr. Garcia’s recommended ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, coconut water, aloe, and glycerin are all present in this rose hibiscus spray.

The vegan spray soothes, moisturizes, and reduces the look of redness. Best of all, the mist is super lightweight. Feel free to re-apply this spray post gym session to replenish after sweating your heart out.

All skin types

This list would be incomplete without the popular Caudalie Grape Water Moisturizing Face Mist. With over 142 thousand “loves” on Sephora, it’s clear that the 100 percent grape water mist works.

The moisturizing ingredient acts as a soothing antioxidant that evens out skin texture, reduces redness, and calms sensitive skin. A great choice for all skin types!

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