Although she bowed out of this year’s US Open tournaments, Serena Williams is still hard at work being a mom to her adorable daughter, Olympia Ohanian. The newly four year old, who Serena shares with her husband Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, has always been quite the personality on social media and she has grown, her following has done the same. The entertaining tot, along with her doll Qai Qai, have amassed a reach of over 600k. Not bad for two kids under 5. Meanwhile her superstar mother has been on the frontlines of advocating for Black maternal health awareness while her father has become a true ally by advocating for more Black people and women in leadership tech positions—he abdicated his role on the Reddit board so that it could go to an African American leader. 

But perhaps the most impressive thing about the way Serena and Alexis continue to show up in the world is how normal they seem to be making life for little Olympia. Recently, Serena shared a cute at-home video of the two of them making a rainbow cake together. 

"Rainbow cake? I thought it was 'sprinkle cake'?" Williams asks her daughter, who stirred the colorful batter. And when it came time to add milk, Olympia excitedly dumped too much into the mix, prompting her Mom to say, "Just a little bit!" and cover her mouth. Olympia looked at Williams and said with a smile, “Sorry!” 

We cannot deal with this amount of cuteness! The mommy-daughter pair got to work on making up for the unforced error, “Now we're gonna fix this cake. We added way too much milk," said Williams, then adding flour without measuring "because it's Olympia's cake and Olympia doesn't measure. We just pour.” 

That’s right, Olympia! Do you, boo. 

We cannot wait to see more mother-daughter moments from Serena and Olympia as time goes on. We’ve already gotten so many that make our hearts melt. 

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