Cue the matching outfits! Professional pictures have long been a tradition to mark milestones and make memories for families. Just think about all of the family photos you’ve seen at your grandparents’ house. Years ago, it was popular to visit portrait studios at the mall for pictures. Today, more people look for photographers who can offer an intimate session at various locations. Mommy and me photo shoots in particular have grown in popularity. These sessions are not just reserved for mothers and their small children. Parents and kids of all ages can enjoy them.

“A mommy and me photoshoot is a session that focuses on the relationship and bond between a mother and her child or children,” professional photographer Belinda Vickerson said. “These can happen separately or as part of a larger family photoshoot.”

Why Moms Should Participate

As a photographer Vickerson says she always encourages mothers not to shy away from the camera.

“As women, we are hard on ourselves and as we age or gain weight, our tendency is to hide,” Vickerson said.

It’s not only important for moms, but for the kids, too. These memories are great for parents and children who share special connections like being sorority sisters.

Photo Credit: Belinda Vickerson

“These images serve as a visual history, and a celebration of a mother’s love. Moms deserve to feel beautiful, and they deserve to be seen and celebrated,” Vickerson said.

She shares how she works with moms and their children to plan for these pictures.


Photo shoots have evolved past simply standing in front of backdrop inside of a studio. Locations have expanded with options like beautiful outdoor spaces or the inside of a family’s home. Vickerson says the location is important to the final look of the mommy and me photo shoot and the experience of the overall session. 

Photo Credit: Belinda Vickerson

“Personally, I love the outdoors, and a lot of my sessions take place in parks, gardens, and beaches,” Vickerson told 21Ninety.

Photo Credit: Belinda Vickerson

Vickerson says she does suggest a home or studio session, depending on whether infants or elderly people are involved. This helps those who may not be able to walk long distances or moms with small children. 

Photo Credit: Belinda Vickerson

“The goal is to choose a location that not only reflects the family’s personality and style, but one that will also offer the best chance at a fun and comfortable photoshoot experience,” Vickerson said.


Figuring out what to wear can be one of the most stressful parts of picture planning. Whether you decide on casual t-shirts and jeans or Sunday’s best, the wardrobe should show off each individual’s personality. It should also represent the goal of the photo shoot.

Photo Credit: Belinda Vickerson

“The most important tips I give them [are] to choose 2-3 complimentary colors and then build the looks based on those colors,” Vickerson said.

Photo Credit: Belinda Vickerson

She doesn’t believe everyone involved in the pictures should completely match. The looks should, however, be coordinated and mesh well together.

Photo Credit: Belinda Vickerson

“I also advise my clients to lay out all the outfits together to make sure they look good together and nothing clashes,” Vickerson said.

Other Preparations

Other professional advice Vickerson has for women who are planning these photo shoots is to start early.

“Start coordinating and planning your session at least a month or two in advance,” Vickerson explained. “That gives you time to choose/buy your looks and try on clothes to make sure everything fits.”

Photo Credit: Belinda Vickerson

If you are taking mommy and me photos with small children be sure to bring snacks, drinks, toys and an extra set of hands.

Photo Credit: Belinda Vickerson

“[Grandmothers], mothers-in-law, sisters or friends make great assistants on shoot day and can make mom’s experience so much better,” Vickerson advised.

She also highly encourages moms to take the day of from work for the photo shoot. 

“While these sessions can be fun, planning and getting ready can put mom under a lot of pressure. So, it’s important to have the whole day to get ready without any other distractions,” Vickerson said.