Congratulations are in order for rapper Monaleo. The artist just gave birth to her first child with fellow rapper, Stunna 4 Vegas.

Monaleo’s New Babies!

Over the weekend, the Houston rapper took to Instagram to announce the arrival of her newborn baby. In the post, she shared a video of her at-home water birth.

“[I] was debating on sharing this but this my greatest accomplishment. [A]bove any accolade,” she said in the caption. “[I’m] so so so so so grateful for the amazing women in my life who i appointed to be my doulas and my wonderful midwife @midwifekatina for taking care of me on my maternal journey.”

She even thanked her “best friend” Stunna 4 Vegas for always supporting her and catering to her throughout the entire pregnancy.

“The baby and I are doing amazing!” Monaleo told Rolling Stone in an email “I had a completely natural home birth/water birth. It was an amazing, empowering experience that I got to share with the matriarchs of my family. I’m now resting in bed with the world’s sweetest newborn, enjoying the fruits I bore both physically and musically.”

Monaleo also shared in her caption that the baby came only a few days before she released her newest project. “Where The Flowers Don’t Die” is the rapper’s first full-length body of work, which released May 26th. In an interview with Nylon Magazine, Monaleo shared how she wanted fans to learn more about her in the 11-track-length EP.

“I want fans to know that I’m multifaceted, I’m not just one type of artist,” she shared. “Most importantly, I want people to understand that I’m a human being with real human feelings.”

She continued to share that she is continuously growing.

“Not everything I do is gonna be perfect,” the rapper said. “I’m not gonna say the right thing all the time. I’m not going to create the right music for everybody.”