(Alexa, play "Money" by Cardi B)

If there's one thing Cardi B knows how to do, it's making money moves. When you look at Cardi's financial climb — from collecting dollars at strip clubs to making thousands on VH1's Love and Hip-Hop to earning millions as a Grammy-winning artist — the Bronx rapper may have the fastest (and most lucrative) rise to success the likes of this world has ever seen. We stan. 

We also love a queen who isn't too good, too famous, or too rich to share her finance secrets. This past week at Beautycon NYC, Cardi spoke with Beautycon CEO, Moj Mahdara, to discuss societal issues surrounding pay inequality, living paycheck to paycheck, and taxes. "Uncle Sam is a b*tch," Cardi stated. "The more money you make, the more money he take." As The New York Times reports, Cardi went on to share some informative financial advice for making money. Check out the financial gems Cardi dropped at the Beautycon event in New York, courtesy of The New York Times.

Photo: Dolly Faibyshev x The New York Times

1. Get Educated About Your Finances

Despite her extreme financial success, Cardi admitted that she lacks financial literacy skills and she had to hire someone who knows what they’re doing. "If you’re in college, take a business class," Cardi said. "I have to hire a business manager and pay extra money. So I depend on someone else to run my business. Sometimes the career that you study for will not make you happy one day, and you'll want to become your own boss."


When Cardi was coming up as an artist, she noticed male rappers were making more money to host the same events alongside her. "Why is this man making more money than me when I'm the one who brings b**ches?" Cardi asked. "I wouldn't do another club appearance until I started getting paid equally, and it worked!"

3. Ask for what you want

Even though Cardi B knows exactly what she’s worth now, she revealed that she used to have trouble asking for what she wanted. Cardi urged women to not be shy about speaking up when it comes to financial matters. "That’s why men are sometimes good hustlers," Cardi said. "Women are so timid. A lot of girls ask me, 'How do I get what I want?' By asking."

4. Be financially independent from your partner

Cardi recalled a time when she was younger, her mom cautioned her to only have children if she could provide for them by herself. Although at the time Cardi thought her mother was being “paranoid,” she told the audience that now she has come to understand this advice. "Y'all be getting d*ckmitized," Cardi said. "I could be saving instead of trying to impress a man's stinking a**. Money is the motive, not the D."

5. Don’t let social media distract you from your goals

Cardi warned against getting distracted by the internet, but she also acknowledged that social media can be useful for aspiring entrepreneurs. "The internet has so many ways to make money, but you don't even notice that because you're so focused on 'Who is Cardi B? Who is Kim Kardashian?'" Cardi stated. "I wish I knew how poppin' Instagram was because I would be selling all those things, this and that. Watch the bloggers' recipe because you can be doing the same sh*t. I watch how Kylie Jenner became a f**king billionaire!" Cardi admitted.

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