Amazon has become a commercial staple for millions of people. For years, this commercial platform has created an opportunity for people to conveniently shop for items they need. As we head into the new year, money-saving techniques are important to keep in the back pocket. Here are seven money-saving deals worth looking into.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is an excellent way to snag a good deal, especially if you are a frequent Amazon shopper. A membership on the platform includes free and fast shipping on select items. It also includes money-saving discounts on eligible items, and first dibs on huge sales throughout the year. Amazon Prime is an excellent choice to find highly discounted goodies. Especially if you run a household or have items that you use frequently.

Wool Dryer Balls

With the rising cost of everything, it is always a good way to cut costs. These eco-friendly dryer balls can help. Wool dryer balls can last for over a thousand loads of laundry, and in essence, save you money on liquid fabric softeners, and electricity. They are also effective for shortening laundry time, and cutting utility bills. For best results, use three of these laundry dryer balls for medium-sized loads or smaller, or five balls for large loads.

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Smart Thermostat

Utility prices can be exorbitant, so putting energy-efficient items in your home can be a smart investment. With this smart thermostat, it is easier to keep close tabs on the amount of energy that your home is utilizing over time. This ENERGY STAR-certified smart thermostat can help you save money with it’s flexible scheduling feature, and remote access, which can help you monitor the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system by giving you updates on your usage, as well as keep you up to date with maintenance updates.

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High-Pressure Shower Head

With the rise of astronomical water bills, having a shower head that is smart enough to conserve water, yet strong enough to release high-pressure water during showers is definitely a money saver. With hundreds of top-rated Amazon reviews and a high score on the durability score board, you can hardly go wrong with this shower head. The shower head has an insert inside it to conserve water but still has the high pressure you crave for a comfortable shower.

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Outlet Timer

To save on your energy bill, this timer helps you to program settings on your phone in as little as 30-minute intervals to turn off certain appliances and prevent them from sapping energy. This package comes with two mini timers that are compatible with fluorescent lighting, LED bulbs, and most mini appliances.

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Jewelry Cleaner

Repeatedly buying new jewelry to replace old ones can become a draining (and expensive) process. Having a jewelry cleaner can prolong the life and vibrance of your jewelry by generating 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound waves for a powerful, yet gentle clean that won’t harm your valuable accessories.

Electric Feet Callus Removers

Life can sometimes get into the way of a traditional trip to the beauty salon. This powerful foot pedicure tool is a perfect way to keep your feet smooth and happy, especially during the cold months. To keep this eco-friendly pedi miracle working in flawless condition, simply charge it during down time for maximum performance. The item can be used for a total of 45 minutes for the ultimate top-tier pedicure. All materials are used in creating this item are eco-friendly, paraben-free and cruelty-free.

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