British rapper, Monie Love, is now a wife-to-be! She is on the way to becoming Mrs. Simmons after getting proposed to during a recent performance.

The 53-year-old shared the news on social media. She even gave fans a good look at the rock on her finger given to her by her new fiancé, NPC physique competitor Rezell Simmons.

Monie Love and Her New Fiancé

“Sooooooooooo………THIS Happened Tonight in the middle of my performance,” Love wrote in the caption of the Instagram post.

She then posted another video of the moment it all happened. In that caption, she explained her confusion about how Simmons was able to pull off the surprise engagement while she was on stage. In her explanation, Love says that her fiancé was able to interfere with her show arrangement without her knowing, along with the help of her industry friends and manager. The video also showed Simmons’ speech to her in front of fans.

“Simone, I prayed to Allah many mornings and many nights to bring forth the woman who would love me for the man that I am. And he brought forth you,” Simmons said, donning a red tuxedo while staring into Love’s eyes. “Your love is unmatched, unparalleled, and pure. You deserve not only that in return but a man to love you passionately, unconditionally, and under the context for which God has provided.”

Simmons then got down on one knee and asked Monie Love to marry him in front of the crowd. The two announced their relationship when they made it Instagram official back in December of 2022.

The Rock The Bells show was a special celebration for the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, in which Love played a large part. She is a two-time Grammy Award nominee and was the first British female hip-hop artist to hold that distinction.