When you’re young and figuring out your path in life, sometimes you have to go against the grain to find success. Ms. Pinckney, popular Vegas hair stylist and creator, did not let anyone get in her way while pursuing her goals, not even her parents. 

In their estimation, doing hair was something "every black woman does" and not what they saw for their daughter. Ms. Pinckney used that as motivation to work harder and prove to her parents and others who may have doubted her that she was not like every other hairstylist. Years later, she has not stopped her pursuit of thinking outside the box in her industry, and she shared with 21Ninety what helped her on her pathway to success and ultimately peace: 

21NINETY: Your interest in cosmetology began as a hobby and for some, those hobbies never become their livelihood, but you eventually decided to pursue it as a career. What caused that switch for you?

MS. PINCKNEY: The decision to allow cosmetology to lead my life as a career was made by one word: Marketing. Marketing is something I have always had an interest in to achieve my personal success. Although not a professional, over the years I have played with the thought "If I force my name in everyone's face, eventually someone will come and eventually they won’t stop." It’s true, because it worked! I put out 5,000 flyers per month for 90 days, by myself. The phones never stopped ringing since. Bob Proctor said, "Give your career everything you have for 90 days and it will give you everything you need for the rest of your life." Crazy part, I learned this quote 5 years later. Ha!

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21N: And while that switch was met with support, others, like your dad, were not on board with your decision at first. How did that impact your drive to move forward? 

MS. P: When the decision was not cheered for regarding me choosing "HAIR" as a career, I knew I didn’t want to allow the decision to let my parents down. It is what "every black woman does," (in my parents' voices). It grew the ambition I had and made me work harder than I normally anticipated.

21N: How did you push through knowing they considered your pursuit "throwing your life away?"

MS. P: The fact that I knew the outcome of any business is directly correlated to what is put in, whether you are selling peanuts or dirt, allowed me to move forward. The title of the job no longer matters when the income is the same. Doctor or Stylist, the same salary removes doubt.

21N: Some parents take a little bit longer than others to support or even understand your dreams, so when did your dad finally come around? 

MS. P: My dad came around pretty quickly. He had gotten me a job as a flight attendant and that's what I was supposed to be doing while in nursing school. I don’t like to let doubt linger like, "Oh one day I am going to show them." I needed him to believe ASAP that I could make a thriving career out of what he didn’t know could ever be successful.

21N: Fast-forward to today, you are a highly sought Las Vegas Stylist and CEO of I Wear The Best! Why did you choose to leave Jacksonville, Florida, and start over in Vegas? 

MS. P: The pursuit of peace of mind drove me away from my hometown Jacksonville. Opening a salon so young, managing employees, making TV commercials, radio ads, hosting, dealing with celeb clientele, accounting, taxes… WHEW! Too much for my 20s. Here is the real question, "If you were laying on your deathbed given 30 hours to live, what would your last request be?" It won’t be to go to work, it will be to spend time with your family and friends. I was too busy to explore the sought after luxury, TIME. I wanted peace of mind (and more) time with family and friends.

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21N: How did social media help you grow your business?

MS. P: Social media took me from accepting only local currency to learning many conversion rates. Expansion.

21N: And speaking of social media, you post almost daily and know how to keep your followers engaged. Something that caught our eye in one of your posts is your Custom Wig Wall. What inspired the wall’s creation?

MS. P: The Wig Wall was a mental image that I could not find a physical blueprint for. I knew I had to create it. I loved the fact that everyone was using shelves and I was to create the 3D wig display unknown to man.

21N: In an industry that appears to have a lot of black women at the forefront, how do you stay motivated, inspired and authentic? 

MS. P: Joel Osteen and T. D. Jakes are part of my daily motivation. It's not me that's building this lifestyle and brand, it's God. I would have been stopped doing this sh*t. I haven’t figured out why I can't give up yet, but we are soon to know the answers. Authenticity is maintained by humbleness. Never follow the crowd.

21N: For other women aspiring to pursue their dreams and accomplish their goals even when the support from those they love is not there, what advice would you give? 

MS. P: When support is (lacking) in your life, understand that your passion is bigger than you. Choosing a career choice (for) the satisfaction of another person will leave you miserable. Although a cliche, FOLLOW your dreams. Of course no one is going to believe you, make them a believer. Put one to five hours toward your goal daily, consistently no matter what and it will flourish. Do not focus on what people say won’t work. Imagine how many people told Edison he was crazy. Don’t get mad at them. Just simply understand, no one believes what they can't see.

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21N: With 2018 a little more than halfway done, what plans do you have for I Wear The Best or yourself? 

MS. P: I am happy to announce that IWEARTHEBEST.COM is to become a physical location in Las Vegas. Online business has more than tripled in profits since (I) started 2 years ago. Now (it's) to become a physical location.

21N: Have any final thoughts you would like to share with our readers? 

MS. P: Procrastination leaves much regret. Start now. The answers will come to you. Just one, invest one measly hour a day into your dream. You will thank me later.

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