As her 2022 hit “Hrs & Hrs” went viral, Muni Long’s sultry vocals and lyrics were stuck in all of our heads. R&B lovers were immediately desperate to hear more from the Florida-born artist, but little did they know she’s been working in the entertainment industry since 2009. Long initially made her debut under her birth name, Priscilla Renae a few years after graduating from Florida’s Vero Beach High School. While working on music of her own, the 35-year-old connected with huge mainstream artists to write some of their biggest hits, such as Rihanna’s “California King Bed” and Chris Brown’s “Beg For It.”

We’ve gotten to know a bit more about her personal life since her breakout hit, though there’s still plenty of mystery surrounding Muni Long’s husband, Raysean Hairston. The North Carolina native once had aspirations of playing in the NBA, but these days, he’s all about collaborating with his wife and other singers. Read on to learn more about the talented but notoriously private couple!

Who Is Muni Long’s Husband, Raysean Hairston?

Muni Long's Husband pictured: Muni Long and Raysean Hairston
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images )

It’s rare to find people without a social media presence, but Hairston seems to prefer living off the digital grid. The 35-year-old grew up in Fayetteville and graduated from high school in the mid-2000s. From there, he went on to play college basketball for the Lees McRae’s Bobcats and City College of San Francisco. The final team he joined in his career was at Kentucky’s Campbellsville University before graduating in 2013. According to Heightline, Muni Long’s husband entered the NBA draft over a decade ago but wasn’t selected despite his impressive 6’5″ stature.

While his focus was on the court, Briefly reports that Hairston and his wife initially connected back in 2010, bonding over a shared interest in music. It’s unclear when they were engaged, but they tied the knot in 2014, meaning this year is their milestone 10-year wedding anniversary. Though he doesn’t use Instagram or TikTok to celebrate Long’s wins, we’ve seen the former athlete join the “Another” songstress at several red-carpet events, always looking dapper without distracting from her gown. At this time, the Hairstons have no children and haven’t shared their future family plans with the public.

Hairston’s Musical Career

Even though sports didn’t work out in his favor, Hairston has been blessed when it comes to music. “Kiss and Make Up” from Mary J. Blige’s Think like a Man Too soundtrack is on his resume, along with numerous collaborations with country music group, Florida Georgia Line. While other creatives surely appreciate his insight, no one praises the record executive quite like his spouse. “It’s always great to have somebody super close to you that you can bounce the music off of. He keeps me cool because I’m very poetic, so sometimes it’s a little corny. It’s great,” she told Jennifer Hudson in a 2023 interview.

He’s credited on her Public Displays of Affection EPs and album, and the pair launched their own label – Supergiant Records – allowing them to collaborate more closely. Now that she knows what it’s like to be loved to Hairston, Long admits that past relationships seem superficial. “I thought I was in love many times before. But  I’m a Virgo, and, like, we hate everything and everybody. And once I met my husband, nothing that he does gets on my nerves. We’ve been married for eight years, and I think… I’ve never had intimacy before. And so I think everybody deserves at least once in their life to know what that feels like,” she told NPR.